John Deere’s New SL Walk Greens Mower Series

SL Walk Mower

CARY, North Carolina (February 09, 2011) – John Deere today announced the launch of its new SL Walk Greens Mowers line, with patented Speed Link™ height-of-cut adjustment technology, which will save time and increase productivity for turf maintenance crews. The new line includes three models – the 180SL, 220SL and 260SL, representing 18 inches, 22 inches and 26 inches widths of cut.

The SL Walk Greens Mowers’ key feature – Speed Link – allows height-of-cut adjustments from one point without loosening or tightening hardware. This new technology translates to a 70 percent reduction in the height adjustment steps, saving time in the shop and when fine-tuning out on the course. A patented front roller bracket also allows a quick change to the roller type to cater to changing grounds conditions, providing a more versatile equipment solution than ever before. See the SL Walk in action at John Deere’s YouTube Channel.

The SL models also have an optional gear-driven rotary brush or greens tender conditioner that rotates in the opposite direction of travel to help stand up the grass prior to cutting. In addition, a new, optional out-front push brush in front of the catcher can stand up grass while keeping the front-to-back roller distance close for ground following.

“Equipment, like the new line of SL Walk Greens Mowers, is designed to target and solve obstacles turf crews face on a daily basis,” said Mike Koppen, group marketing manager, John Deere Golf. “By creating and equipping this new line of Walk Greens Mowers with the Speed Link technology, we’re determined to provide professionals with a piece of equipment that delivers best-in-class performance and allows for increased productivity.”

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