Inside Kubota’s 2016 National Dealer Meeting

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New BX-80 Series Introduced


The new Kubota BX-80 series was on display. This BX1880 with mid-mount mower showcases Kubota’s flat operator platform.


This BX23S station shows off Kubota’s drive-over deck feature, now optional on the tractor-loader-backhoe version of the BX.

Kubota BX with cab

Ready for winter? This Kubota BX2680 is set up to handle snow removal with a front-mount snowblower, rear blade, and cab.

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New BX-80 Series Introduced


  • Thanks TractorByNet, this was very informative and it was great to see all the photos of Kubota equipment and the new headquarters – good job!

  • Enjoyed the pictures and a chance to preview.

    Great you were able to attend… I’m sure there are a few more Kubota’s in my future.

    Anything new in the RTV line?

  • Impressive new equipment. I especially liked the full size ag equipment. What is the horsepower of the new field tractors?

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