Kubota Releases U55 TailSwing Compact Excavator

TORRANCE, Calif. (April 7, 2010) – Kubota introduces the U55, its largest model in the U-Series of compact excavators. The new Kubota U55 five-ton tight tail swing compact excavator is designed to provide outstanding power while working in tight job sites, where lifting capacity over the front is important. With a medium-length arm that enhances arm crowd force, a wide doorway and plenty of operator space, the U55 now replaces Kubota’s popular KX161-3 compact excavator.

Kubota U55
Kubota U55

“Contractors find the tight tail swing on the U55 to be the machine’s most attractive feature because it allows the operator to complete jobs quickly in confined work spaces,” said Keith Rohrbacker, Kubota product manager. “In addition, float is now intrinsic to all U55 standard and angle blades, increasing backfilling productivity and simplifying finish work.”

Power and Performance

With only 2.5 inches of tail swing overhang, the U55 is powerful, yet compact enough to operate efficiently and carefully in narrow work spaces; minimizing the chance of harm to panels and reducing long- term operating costs. A 47.6 gross horsepower direct injection Kubota diesel engine features single side servicing and includes an auto idle feature that conserves fuel and reduces noise level.

A new, load sensing hydraulic system employs a combination of closed and open center controls to ensure strong digging forces and minimize “slow down” during travel when using attachments. The advanced load sensing system provides optimum oil flow to each cylinder for smooth multifunction operation and enhanced fuel economy. Auto-downshift travel motors smooth transitions through turns, and the optional hydraulic angle blade improves backfilling efficiency. Float is standard equipment on all blades and combines with high traction force to speed the operator on to the next job. These blades include a reversible bolt-on cutting edge to reduce operating costs. Two auxiliary hydraulics ports are also now available, expanding attachment versatility. This allows the operator to exchange hydraulic attachments and leave the thumb connected at all times, speeding attachment changes. With dual-element air cleaner and side-opening bonnets for convenient access to the service points, the U55 is easy to maintain.

Light, simple movements of the wrist are all that is required to operate the fully hydraulic pilot control system. The auxiliary hydraulics system is equipped with attachment flow presets from the control panel and thumb-ready sticks to speed attachment installation and changes. The U55 uses X-frame construction for high strength and excellent stability. The frame’s angle design has enlarged cleanout ports for easier cleaning that saves valuable time. The number of dual-flanged lower track rollers has been increased in the U55 to reduce vibration for a smoother ride, and longer track life. Kubota matched the new three-pump load sensing system with the auto-downshift travel motors flawlessly, creating the ability to make quick, smooth turns.

Working in Comfort and Style

The sleek design of the Kubota U55 includes several features for operator comfort. Entry and exit is easy with wide doors and a large operator’s space along with optimal legroom. This model offers a comfortable high-back suspension seat and the arm rests can be adjusted to a comfortable position for the operator. Full pilot and ergonomically placed controls optimize well-being and reduce fatigue, improving overall performance.

The U55 features a new digital display panel, conveniently located for clear view and easy access, to provide vital information at a glance, and even notifies the operator when maintenance is due, reducing operating costs. Wide-ranging safety attributes include swivel and travel negative brake systems that hold the house and tracks in place on slopes. These systems simplify transportation and provide almost infinite positioning to improve load spacing. To help ensure optimum operator safety on job sites, all canopy and cab models feature a ROPS / FOPS certification. Even the operator’s investment is protected with Kubota’s own anti-theft system included as standard equipment. This anti-theft system is designed to keep equipment from getting stolen and to help eliminate the expense of theft recovery.

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