Lamborghini’s Latest: R4 100 VTR & R4 110 VTR

Lamborghini R4 100 VTR

LAMBORGHINI recently introduced their latest models, the R4 100 VRT and 110 VRT – two compact medium-sized tractors incorporating continuously variable transmission in the 100 hp class. The manufacturer reasons that farmers not only want tractors to be comfortable, they also want them to be made with exacting standards and be easy to use.

LAMBORGHINI has met this requirement with a continuously variable transmission that has been developed in-house. In each of the two working ranges, almost 100% of engine power is transferred mechanically and the hydrostatic portion reduced to a minimum. This results in significantly higher efficiency compared to transmissions with a higher hydraulic element. The effects of this are particularly noticeable with lower fuel consumption at low operating speeds.

Another positive feature – the maximum speed of 40 km/h is reached at an engine speed of just 1,800 rpm, leading to significantly reduced fuel consumption and noise levels. For different areas of application, the transmission has three driving and working settings. As well as an automatic mode, in which nearly 75% of all work can be done, and manual mode, there is a special pto mode that automatically switches on when the PTO is activated.

In addition, the LAMBORGHINI VRT has an active stop control system, called PowerZero.. This allows the tractor to be kept at a standstill without using the main brake, and then accelerated again using the accelerator pedal but without using the clutch. The hydraulic parking brake is also new, which, as on a car, makes the vehicle easier and safer to use.

The LAMBORGHINI 100 VRT and 110 VRT are powered by modern 4-cylinder Deutz turbo-diesel engines (TIER III) with outputs of 99hp (73 kW) and 109hp (80kW) with electronic motor control. Both engines can be operated with bio-diesel (B100). Additionally, the Lamborghini VRT is equipped with an intercooler.

The standard equipment on the new LAMBORGHINI VRT is extensive: pto with three speeds (540/750/1000 rpm or 540/1000 and ground speed PTO), electro-hydraulic differential lock, a hydraulic system with a 60 l/min flow rate, and a rear power lift with a lifting capacity of 5,300kg and maximum steering angle of 55°, providing great maneuverability in all working conditions. Optional is a hydraulic system with a 93 l/min flow rate and a rear linkage lift capacity of 6.200 kg with auxiliary lifting cylinders is also available.

The LAMBORGHINI VRT is all about versatile tractors that are suitable for all types of work, whilst providing the highest levels of operating and driving comfort.

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