Long’s New Front Mount Snow Pusher

Long 60" Snow Pusher

Tarboro, NC (Januray 24, 2011) – W. R. Long Inc. is now offering a Snow Pusher designed to Fit Front End Loaders for Subcompact and Compact Tractors. W. R. Long has drawings for over 750 different loaders so we are able to provide your snow pusher with a Pin On Mount or the Universal Mount.

The list price for the 60″ Snow Pusher is $950 and the list price for the 72″ Snow Pusher is $1,025.

The blade is made out of 1″ x 6″ Rubber with slots so that it can be adjusted vertically.  Also, the blade can be flipped when one side is worn down.  The side skid plate height is adjustable. The 60″ Snow pusher weight is 350 pounds and the 72″ weight is 370 pounds.

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