Mahindra Unveils Revolutionary Mahindra Max

By MFG News February 2, 2012 00:23

Mahindra Unveils Revolutionary Mahindra Max

GALVESTON, TX (February 1, 2012) – More than 600 Mahindra USA tractor dealers, staff and partners from around the globe were on hand today as the number one selling tractor brand in the world based on volume unveiled the revolutionary new Mahindra Max™ series, comprised of the Mahindra Max 22, the Mahindra Max 25 and the Mahindra Max 28 XL. The official launch of the new models came after a two-week cyber-introduction on, a microsite Mahindra employed to give daily updates on this exciting new line. The game-changing series, including the first real tractor in the subcompact category and the introduction of a never-before-seen mid-compact model, will be available in dealerships later this month. In addition, the farm equipment giant will be introducing the models to media and the rest of the industry at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California February 14-16 and at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky February 15-18.

“The competition is scared, but our customers have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the new Mahindra Max,” said Rick Wallace, owner of Wallace Tractor and Equipment in Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania. “The new Max will change the way the consumer looks at a subcompact tractor. Finally, a subcompact tractor with real tractor capabilities.”

Each model in the Mahindra Max series features a full-length tractor frame that will allow users to install a backhoe at any time.  In addition, a wide range of attachments and implements are also available for maximum versatility, including a drive-over mowing deck, snow blower, blade, broom, and the highest capacity loader on the market.

“Value means everything to my customers, and the new Mahindra Max series delivers,” added Dale Dubay, owner of Dubay’s Tractor Center in Danielson, Connecticut. “The Mahindra Max 22 and 25 models will most definitely set a new standard of performance, versatility, and ease-of-use in the subcompact category, while the Mahindra Max 28XL’s combination of compact tractor performance in near compact size is something that has never existed before. My customers are going to be very pleased with this line-up.”

The Max 28XL

The Mahindra Max series is poised to deliver maximum performance, maneuverability and value with features that have never existed before in this category, including:

· Max Value – All of the typical full-sized tractor elements, such as a quiet and powerful engine, smooth transmission, stronger frame, maximum versatility with attachments (mower, backhoe, loader, etc.) in one tractor frame at a competitive price point

· Max Versatility – Owners will be able to do more – mow, dig, pull, load, and lift – with their choice of up to 15 attachments and implements to handle any task

· Max Maneuverability – Best in class turning radius in its size with Mahindra’s Dual Braking System (DBS), allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces to get work done and get out quickly

· Max Ease of Use – Featuring the new Xpress Seat, an easy turn seat for simple tractor –loader – backhoe operation, and the new Xpress Hitch for quick and simple implement set-up and removal

· Max Weight & Stability – including tractor tires, better traction, stability and safety for all jobs.

· Max Lift Capacity – Rear implement capability of a true tractor to take on the tough jobs with a Category I 3-point hitch and best in class loader lift capacity

· Max Hydraulic Capacity – Increase flow resulting in faster response time for tractor, loader and backhoe to get work done more quickly

· Max Engine life – 28% lower RPM resulting in quieter operation, less engine noise and smoother and longer operation around the property, with lower fuel consumption (saves you more) and longer life

· Max Power Transfer for Implements – Increased power to the ground to take on the tough jobs

Mahindra became the #1 selling tractor in the world in 2010 by providing consumers with value-packed, high-quality tractors.  Mahindra is the only tractor manufacturer in the world to win both the Deming Application Prize and the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in Total Quality Management, awarded by the Deming Prize Committee care of the Union of Japanese Scientists.

By MFG News February 2, 2012 00:23