Massey’s All New GC1700 Subcompact Tractors

Duluth, Ga. (August 24, 2012) — Massey Ferguson® a global brand of AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), introduces the GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors, which deliver hardworking performance and reliability plus redesigned styling, functionality and control placement, making this Series of tractors easy to own and a pleasure to operate. From gardening to moving bulky material, whether the job is commercial or residential, the GC1700 Series will get the job done right.

The new GC1700 Series can be equipped to take on multiple tasks and has the exceptional durability and performance features expected from a Massey Ferguson.  This new offering includes four models that replace the previous GC range. The GC1705 and GC1710 TLB are rated 22.5 gross engine horsepower and the GC1715 and GC1720 TLB are rated at 24.5 gross engine horsepower.

New Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors are hardworking, reliable, easy to own and a pleasure to operate whether the job is commercial or residential.

Engine features: a quiet and efficient powerhouse

The GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors effortlessly undertake a vast number of projects, powered by the fuel-efficient, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. The high-torque engine is protected under a very functional, solid metal hood with a tilt up design that makes access to the engine quick and easy.

All four models feature a low-rated engine rpm that reduces vibration and noise, to improve engine life and decrease fuel consumption. The radiator and radiator fan are strategically placed behind the engine, pulling hot air away from the operator, keeping both the operator and engine cooler.

Redesigned for greater operator convenience and comfort

Guided by customer input and constant testing, the design of the GC1700 Series offers improvements that make the tractors more convenient, comfortable and easier to operate. A wide-open, clutter-free platform allows the operator to move on and off the tractor with ease and offers plenty of space for natural leg movement. The new seat is ergonomically designed with adjustments to custom-fit any body profile for exceptional driving comfort.

To improve overall operating performance for multiple functions, the hydraulic joystick has been moved to the right side of the front console, putting the control lever within easy reach of the operator. Its refined linkage provides smoother operation to reduce the amount of arm movement for the operator. A new safety lockout lever prevents the operator from inadvertently bumping the joystick or operating the hydraulics when in the locked position. Finally, the loader and backhoe quick-attach design allows the operator to effortlessly remove each attachment when necessary.

Speed and control

The GC1700 features a dual-range hydrostatic transmission with infinitely variable speeds from zero to top speed in each range. Redesigned hydrostatic foot pedals are strategically located on the right side of the platform, while the brake pedal is on the left side. The foot pedals are spring-loaded and are designed to return to a neutral position when released. The cruise control also has been redesigned and moved to the front dash panel for easy access. This allows effortless engagement by simply pushing down on the orange handle once the desired speed is reached. Pulling up on the handle or pressing any foot pedal will disengage the cruise control.

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