New Holland Introduces Compact Range Braud Grape Harvesters

Braud_7030M_OptiGrape_15_005New Holland is pleased to announce two new Braud grape harvester models that will be available for model year 2016. The Braud 7030M and 8030L introduce the new compact range concept for grape harvesters.

“From BlueCab 4 to the overall design of the machine, New Holland continues to be an innovator in grape harvester design, providing the utmost operator safety and comfort while maximizing harvest cleanliness, efficiency, and profitability,” said Jarrod Angstadt, Manager, Growth Initiatives, Biomass & Specialty Products for New Holland North America.

Both the Braud 7030M and 8030L grape harvesters feature FPT four cylinder NEF engines that are Tier 4B compliant with 128 horsepower. These fuel saving engines will allow operators to work efficiently with lower fuel costs.

Select configuration options make the Braud 8030L ideal for large vineyards with row spacing starting at 59 inches. This new model completes the large vineyard offering with a new capacity segment available with a destemmer system.

The Braud 7030M provides harvest quality and comfort in a compact design. This model is the right fit for intermediate vineyards with row spacing above 51 inches. It provides a combination of compactness and power, and now features Opti-GrapeTM availability that contractors and intermediate vineyard owner-operators are looking for. This new model will replace the VM3090 PLUS model.

Opti-GrapeTM for premium quality grapes
New Holland is pleased to introduce Opti-GrapeTM as an option on Braud 7030M grape harvesters in North America for model year 2016. The award winning Opti-GrapeTM system optimizes the amount of MOG (material other than grapes) removed from the harvested grapes. This is a premium cleaning system perfect for wine growers who demand the highest possible harvest quality. The Opti-GrapeTM system delivers up to five times better cleaning performance by means of a unique, air cushioned cleaning surface. As a result, the wine making process from the vineyard to the cellar is also enhanced, allowing growers to achieve a higher quality, more profitable harvest.

The Opti-GrapeTM system has been specifically designed to maximize harvest cleanliness. It is intended for wineries targeting low to middle-yield grapes. Using the IntelliViewTM IV monitor, the operator can adjust settings such as sorting parameters, grape variety, and impurity selection right from the cab. The Opti-GrapeTM system also features a specially designed crop distributor to allow for complete and efficient filling of the hoppers.

Harvesting options and features to suit your operation
Both 7030M and 8030L models offer a variety of standard and optional features that an operator can customize to fit his or her needs. From cab options to cleaning systems, Braud harvesters will be built for the performance that operators desire.

When it comes to cleaning grapes, both models feature two customizable options for preferential selections. On 8030L harvesters, customers can choose from either the standard auger or the optional destemmer, while the 7030M has the option of either the destemmer or Opti-GrapeTM cleaning system.

In addition to cleaning options, both models are multifunction machines that have the ability to do more than harvest grapes.  These units have an optional front mounted telescopic arm that is able to adapt countless attachments, in addition to the ability to easily attach and operate a Berthoud sprayer.

Innovative BlueCabTM 4 ensures operator safety and comfort
Because operator comfort is just as important as performance, New Holland’s award-winning BlueCab 4 comes standard on 7030M models and is an available option for 8030L models.

BlueCab 4 is an innovative cab concept designed around the safety and well-being of the operator, and is ideal for spraying applications. It features two filtration levels in one system: category 2 and 4 filtration with a closed loop cab pressurization system. The BlueCab 4 also offers unique features, such as the patented auto air cleaning valve for purging the air in the cab before pressurization and category 4 filtration starts, and the filter management system that keeps track of maintenance intervals and filter usage.

The BlueCab 4 takes protection of the operator beyond what is required by EN15695-1:2009 and -2:2009 standards, which only cover cab and filter classification respectively through laboratory testing: New Holland has tested the filtration system’s durability and performance in the field. The Blue Cab 4 was tested on both tractors and grape harvesters for over 300 hours of spraying, with more than 25 active substances in different field conditions.

In addition, to ensure the best levels of comfort for the operator, BlueCab 4 features an integrated automatic air conditioning system to ensure air circulation within the cab for operator comfort. Other notable features in the BlueCab 4 include high visibility, ergonomic design, IntelliViewTM IV and IMS 2.0, deluxe heated and ventilated seat, LED lighting, and other standard features such as Bluetooth radio, pneumatic seat and a color monitor for the cameras.

Operators will be able to stay connected to their home office from inside the BlueCab 4 though New Holland’s PLMTM Connect technology. The PLM telematics technology enables vineyard managers to stay connected with their operation, allowing them to maintain direct contact with their fleet remotely, receiving real time data from their computer or smartphone. PLM Connect is becoming increasingly more valuable to wine growers as the need for optimization and efficiency increases. PLM Connect is also available on New Holland T4.F and T4.V tractors, machines designed for working in orchards and vineyards.

The BlueCab 4 is available now on the new compact range of grape harvesters and is available on the new Tier 4A T4.F and T4.V specialty tractors.

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