Ventrac’s New Snow Management Spreader

Ventrac announces the new SS575 Spreader accessory for Snow and Ice Management. It is designed to be mounted on the back of a Ventrac tractor for distributing multiple deicing and melting agents to sidewalks, parking lots and other high traffic snow maintenance areas.

The SS575 Spreader is capable of spreading multiple materials like bagged rock salt, calcium flakes, ice melters, bulk salt and calcium pellets.  With an optional gate installed, the SS575 can also spread bagged ice melters and calcium pellets.  With the optional vibrator kit, the SS575 is capable of spreading bulk rock salt.   The spreader features a 5.75 cubic feet polyethylene hopper capable of carrying 460 lbs. and comes standard with a see-through fitted weather cover.  The 10” spinner is nylon/glass reinforced resin.  An electronic control box with variable speed controls and On/Off switch is also standard.  The SS575 is a versatile spreader that can apply materials precisely for tight areas with an optional drop curtain or up to 40 feet wide for larger areas.

The new SS575 Salt Spreader is a great addition to round out a winter snow removal package.  With a broom, snowblower or blade mounted on the front of a Ventrac tractor and the addition of the SS575 Spreader operating on the back, a complete ONE-PASS snow removal and deicing operation is ready to manage every snow event.

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