Spalding’s New Digital Wireless Camera System


Lincoln, 14th December 2010 –Spaldings today announced the introduction of a new digital wireless camera system to their vehicle and trailer range. The Digi-View™ camera system incorporates the latest technology for interference free viewing, from a 200 metre transmission range. The system can be fitted to a tractor, combine or implement for safe reversing and monitoring of vital machinery functions, they can also be used for monitoring horses or cargo in transit.

When used as a reversing system the monitor will automatically switch on when the vehicle is in reverse. The 3.5” ultra bright colour monitor can be used with up to 4 cameras and includes an in-built rechargeable battery for maximum flexibility. The system can also be used at night with ultra bright IR LED’s which provide a monochrome image from a 10 metre distance.

The Digi-View™ system is easy to install and comes complete with all mounting brackets and cables for easy connection to the vehicles power supply. The camera is housed in heavy duty zinc alloy for waterproofed protection and incorporates a wide angled lens for unobstructed viewing. The Designed to give the user peace of mind, security and confidence the Digi-View™ system is an integral vehicle component.

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