STEYR’s “Multi” Becomes Even More Versatile

multi_4115et_s14_127The STEYR Multi is available with a factory-fitted front loader with immediate effect. The Multi thus is the only STEYR tractor that, in addition to ‘loader-ready’, can also be directly ordered with factory-fitted front loader arms. The proven Hydrac model EK 2200 is mounted at the St. Valentin plant in STEYR (SF 3720) design. Remo Müller, STEYR Product Specialist, is pleased: “St. Valentin sets new standards with the STEYR brand yet again. In the process, ‘Made in Austria’ was a decisive criterion for our partnership selection. As highly versatile tractor per se, the Multi now even allows for further ‘multitasking’ in all fields of operation.” Standard features of the Multi such as the high visibility roof window and the CCLS pump with joystick make it the perfect front loader tractor.

“The SF 3720 front loader offers a lift capacity of 2 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 3.7m. Console, loader arms and the fourfold multi-coupling system are already included in the order”, says Müller. In addition, standard features also include self-levelling and a third function, vibration damping and the 3D-console with support towards the rear axle. “This further extends the Multi’s fields of operation enormously, for example when working with snow shovels in municipalities, with forklifts for loading and unloading goods on farms or when harvesting timber in the forest”, Müller explains with a few examples. The front loader comes with a third oil circuit with two plug-in couplings which can even be coupled under pressure for the operation of a grab bucket for example, as well as a load safety valve and a Euro equipment mount. “Your dealer will take orders for the Multi with STEYR front loader with immediate effect”, reveals Müller.

For greater comfort, also the STEYR SA 3720 (Hydrac AL 2200) can be ordered via parts supply. With the SA 3720, connecting and disconnecting of the front loader become even easier as both can be handled from inside the cabin. STEYR partners will be pleased to provide further information.

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