Three New High-Horsepower SAME Tractors

The Virtus 100 (99hp), Virtus 110 (110hp) and Virtus 120 (122hp) tractors.

Treviglio – SAME has launched a completely new range of high performance tractors – the Virtus 100 (99hp), Virtus 110 (110hp) and Virtus 120 (122hp).

A key feature of these new models is their high power to weight ratio – the 122hp Virtus 120, for example, has a power-to-weight ratio of 38.5 kg/hp. Combined with a permissible load of 8,000 kg the result is a new tractor category which is considered to be unique in the market.

All Virtus models are powered by Deutz 4-cylinder, electronically managed common rail engines. The external liquid-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system combined with the POC filter and DOC catalytic converter reduce particulate and NOx levels to obtain optimum efficiency in terms of emission control. All Virtus models comply with Tier 4i emissions regulations and the engine delivers 95% of maximum power at just 1600 rpm.

In the transmission department a 60+60 Powershift transmission provides a top speed of 50 km/h, a working range from 2.9 to 16 kph and a 134 m/h creeper speed. The transmission also includes an automatic front wheel drive engagement and differential management system. There are four pto speeds of 540/540E/1000/1000E rpm and also a ground speed (Syncro) pto.

The SDF Sense Clutch hydraulic shuttle offers an important technological innovation in the Stop&Go system which allows the operator to control tractor forward and reverse movements using only the brake pedals without touching the clutch pedal. Loader work becomes easier as does hitching implements or making up-hill starts. The hydraulic shuttle lever incorporates a response control to select sharper or softer response from the shuttle, according to operating requirements.

For the hydraulics, the new tractors have a hydraulic system with a 90 l/min pump and the electronically controlled rear linkage has a lift capacity of 6600kg. Purchasers can specify 6/8-way mechanical remote control valves or more advanced proportional 6/8/10 way electric control valves, with flow/time control. When the lift and control valves are not in use the hydraulic system uses an automatic on/off valve in the hydraulic circuit to interrupt the oil flow to the services, diverting it to the transmission.
Virtus is also fitted with a Steering Double Displacement system (SDD) which, at the touch of a button, allows the operator to halve the number of steering wheel turns required to achieve maximum lock.

Braking efficiency is maximised through use of a hydrostatic braking system with independent oil bath disks on all four wheels. The Powerbrake system assists the operator during braking by reducing the load on the pedal while maintaining full braking capacity. All models are also equipped with the Park Brake system which is designed to ensure the tractor is always securely and efficiently immobilized.

For the operator, the cab is designed to ease the strain of long days in the field. Front axle suspension, pneumatic cab suspension and a cab offering simplicity of driving functions, all-round visibility combine to make the everyday work experience pleasant and comfortable.

Finally, Same points out that close attention has been paid to the choice of tyres which are available in diameters from 34” to 38” with widths suitable for ploughing, flotation, sowing and road transport. All combinations are available with heavy duty fixed and adjustable rims homologated for 50 km/h.

Same Virtus range

Model 100 110 120
Engine Type TCD 3.6L 04 Tier 4i
Power@rated speed (2200rpm) kW/hp 69.5/95 77/105 85.5/116
Maximum power@2000rpm kW/hp 72.5/98.5 81/110 89.5/122
Maximum Torque@1600rpm Nm 397 440 480
Shuttle Powershuttle
No of speeds (5 gears x 2 (or 4) ranges) 10 +10 (20 + 20 with Underdrive and Creeper) 30 + 30, HML (60 +60 HML with Underdrive and Creeper)
Maximum Speed 40 at ECO engine speed/50
Electrohydraulic 4WD/difflock engagement STD/ASM optional
Front axle suspension OPT
Braking on all four wheels STD/ Powerbrake optional
Parking Brake STD
Trailer brake Air/Hydraulic or both
Electronic rear linkage STD 4650kg or 6600kg
Pump capacity 60 STD/ 60 ECO (OPT)/90 (OPT)
PTO speeds 540/540E/1000/1000E
Groundspeed pto OPT
Front linkage and pto OPT 1850kg 1000rpm
PTO engagement Electrohydraulic
Class E cab STD
Mechanical or pneumatic suspension OPT
Wheelbase mm 2430 2430/2390 2440
Weight kg 4150 4300 4700
Max permissible load kg 7500 7500 8000

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