Versatile, Reliable Massey Ferguson® 5700SL Series Mid-Range Tractors Debut

massey 5700Massey Ferguson®, a global brand of AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), introduced the 5700SL Series mid-range tractors to producers during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show. These tractors build upon the Massey Ferguson 5600 Series reputation for versatility and reliability. Each of the three new models is equipped to work in compact spaces and offers the power, maneuverability, comfort and performance needed for efficient loader work, hay production and general on-the-farm use.

“We are proud to introduce these tractors to the North American market,” says Shaun Allred, tactical marketing manager, Mid-Range and High Horsepower tractors. “Livestock producers will especially appreciate these tractors, and after operating one, they’ll understand why the MF5713SL model was named Tractor of the Year 2016 in the Best of Utility Category at Agritechnica this fall.”

Technology and options raise the bar for operator efficiency and convenience

The new Series will include three models ranging from 110 to 130 engine horsepower. All are available in Classic and Deluxe Editions with cabs. Producers seeking to raise the bar on operational efficiency and convenience will want to check out Deluxe Edition options. The new SpeedSteer option lets the operator adjust the steering ratio for more or fewer turns of the steering wheel, making loader and headland turns faster and easier. Rear-mounted PTO engagement means fewer trips in and out of the cab to connect and operate the PTO, plus convenient, push-button access to quickly stop it.

In addition, Deluxe Editions offer the optional factory-installed Auto-Guide™ 3000 automated-steering system to reduce wasteful overlap and save time during field operations. With an easy, intuitive user interface, Auto-Guide 3000 automated steering is a great solution for first-time users and will help reduce fatigue during long days working in the field.

Superior visibility

Because 5700SL Series cabs use a six-post design and a narrow cross section, these tractors provide unmatched forward visibility. The 5700SL Series also offers above-cab visibility with an optional Visio Roof, particularly popular among loader operators who need more visibility for accurately and efficiently stacking bales.

High-flow hydraulics for responsive loader action

An open-center hydraulic system with a standard flow rate of 11 gallons per minute (gpm) to the rear three-point linkage and 15 gpm to remote valves provides fast, responsive hydraulic function and helps every job go faster. An optional Twin Flow system combines the flow from both pumps, providing 26 gpm to remote hydraulic circuits for even faster cycle times and an even quicker job.

Spacious cab, new dash display improves setup and operation

The 5700SL Series has a large and comfortable cab identical in size to the Massey Ferguson 7700 Series. The dash in the 5700SL Series features an easy-to-read digital display plus a new Setup and Information Screen (SIS). The easy-to-navigate, colored SIS screen is 50 percent larger with 10-times greater resolution than the Dash Control Center on previous models. SIS provides simple, push-button set up and adjustment of tractor functions. This improved approach allows operators to quickly evaluate tractor operating data and easily adjust transmission operation, slip control, hydraulic valve flow, simple headland management and front loader control to increase machine and operator performance.

Maintenance-free Tier 4 Final simplicity

Powered by a 4.4L four-cylinder AGCO POWER™ diesel engine, the 5700SL Series meets Tier 4 Final compliance using a unique, ‘All in One’ unit which incorporates the SCR system and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). This simple, maintenance-free emissions system avoids Exhaust Gas Recirculation, a costly Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and time needed for filter regeneration. Compact and located under the right-hand side of the cab, this emissions solution helps achieve the tractors’ slim, steep hood design that allows excellent visibility and maneuverability.

The engine features AGCO technology such as the SisuTronic™ EEM4 electronic engine management system that monitors and manages engine operation, delivering outstanding performance with low fuel consumption. High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection improves fuel combustion to minimize emissions, and the electronic wastegate turbocharger anticipates power needs, providing unbeatable engine response and high torque at all RPMs.

Hallmark 5600 Series features remain  

A number of operator-preferred features will be retained in the 5700SL Series. Topping that list is the rugged and reliable Dyna-4™ transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds for versatile, smooth shifting. Options such as mechanical cab suspension and front axle suspension are a few of the comfort and efficiency-enhancing choices that will be available on the 5700SL series tractors.

For more information about these new Massey Ferguson 5700SL tractors, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer, visit or view this short video about the award-winning MF 5713SL tractor.

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