New Generation of Zetor System Front Loaders is Coming

Kámen, September 13, 2017 – ZETOR introduces new generation of ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders. The innovated range of ZQ provides farmers with extended durability, better view from the cabin, greater lifting height, increased rigidity, easier mounting to the tractor and wider options of accessories such as lights or smart display showing the weight of load and position of the loader.

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. is launching a new generation of front loaders, the ZQ range. The innovated aggregation is replacing the ZX range. With its innovations and technological functions, the ZQ range becomes the premium product of ZETOR SYSTEM portfolio.

“The policy of ZETOR is to continuously bring and offer modern products with higher added value. In cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer of front loaders, ÅLÖ AB, we introduce a new generation of front loaders which are technologically more advanced in all respects. They are a world leader in the development and manufacture of front loaders. I am convinced that this new aggregation, produced by ÅLÖ AB, will become popular with farmers who appreciate its possibilities, making hard work easier and more effective!” says Robert Todt, Sales and Marketing Director.

The new loaders provide a number of innovations. A new design succeeded in increasing the rigidity of the component twofold, thus increasing its durability. Compared with the previous generation, the lifting height is higher by up to 20 cm. The new design also improved the cabin view, offering a better view of the load. Like the previous models, ZQ loaders are equipped with Parallelogram which maintains the lifted load in a balanced condition and prevents rollover. As an innovation, loaders are equipped with the Lock & Go system which allows quick, easy mounting and dismounting. Additional options are available, Soft-drive, which silences loader bumps, Multi-coupling which makes it possible to couple all circuits and connectors at one time, and Selecto-fix which allows mounting tools with hydraulic control.

ZQ loaders can be ordered with mechanical or electronic joystick control. The electronic control is available in two versions: EasyDrive LCS™ and ElectroDrive LCS™ professional. The latter offers an accelerated function, creeping speed, tool dumping and the possibility to adjust tools in working position. The hydraulic system is designed to the highest standard with non-drip quick couplings with dirt guards and incorporated oil pre-heating in the distributor. The option Q-Companion allows the operator to view, via a cabin display, the weight of the load and its precise position or to plan maintenance of the loader based on operation hours.

ZETOR has sold over 25,000 tractors in the USA/Canada since 1980. ZETOR NORTH AMERICA is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. For more details about the ZETOR brand and its products, visit


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