ZETOR Tractors Showed Off Their Best in America

Kentucky, USA, 24. 7. 2018 – the Czech Farm Day 2018” was organized in Kentucky, USA. ZETOR tractors, showcasing real agricultural works, were featured. Besides, visitors could try out tractors included in the model families MAJOR and FORTERRA. The event was held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Demonstration farming show was organized on 20 July in collaboration with one of the American dealers of the brand ZETOR, the company Baker’s Equipment. Not only could visitors see tractors in one place but also could do their field test. ZETOR tractors demonstrated their operating capacities in joint work with farming systems produced by another important Czech brand “Farmet”, designed for land cultivation or sowing. In particular, the compact tractor MAJOR HS 65 was introduced to guests in detail; i.e., a four-cylinder tractor with power of 67 HP and excellent maneuverability, proved (among others) in use with the reaper machine. Moreover, FORTERRA model range exhibits were shown; FORTERRA brand line represents strong and effective ZETOR tractors equipped with four-cylindrical, in-house designed and manufactured, engines. FORTERRA HSX offers the power up to 136 HP and is equipped with the gear box 30/30 with the three-stage torque moment multiplier Power Shift and electrohydraulic reverser PowerShuttle. Joint work with the loader was demonstrated. In addition, FORTERRA HD, the highest model, was shown; compared to HSX model, its wheelbase is longer, with the spring-mounted front axle and comfortable multiple-function control panel, making the operation of the machine easier.

“Dozens of visitors arrived at the exhibition, displaying practical examples of possibilities offered by tractors with farming systems. We are glad that the event did not show purely glamorous machines; we could show the work of the Czech machines directly in the terrain,” says Mr. Mike Boucher, a director of sales and operations at Zetor North America, Inc.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington organized the “Czech Farm Day 2018”, focusing on the agriculture technology, for the first time in the USA, with the aim to assist Czech companies with their promotion and establish cooperation with potential business partners.

“The entire event was excellently organized and promoted. We highly appreciate support given by the Czech Embassy, without which the day could not be held at all. I would like to thank all of the involved organizers and companies for their empathy and time dedicated to the “Czech Farm Day”; mutual cooperation was just amazing, and we will be happy to continue,” adds Mr. Mike Boucher, a director of sales and operations at Zetor North America, Inc.

A subsidiary company ZETOR NORTH AMERICA, Inc., represents the brand ZETOR on the American continent. Low operating costs, reliability, long lifetime and operating simplicity are qualities mostly appreciated by customers of the red tractors ZETOR. At present, ZETOR offers three model ranges on the American market: MAJOR, PROXIMA and FORTERRA, with the power ranging from 45 to 150 horse power. Generally, ZETOR tractors are used in the USA mostly in breeding and dairy industries and municipal services.

Historically, ZETOR has been presented in the USA since 1980. Over 27,000 tractors have been imported and sold in the nearly forty-year history. The business company ZETOR NORTH AMERICA, Inc. is seated in Jacksonville, Florida. More information about ZETOR and offered tractors see www.zetorna.com.

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  • They may be the best tractor in the world – but with the nearest dealership over 300 miles distant…………

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