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If you are interested in writing any of these articles, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign the freelance writer agreement
  2. E-mail muhammad@tractorbynet.com (or contact via PM) for a work order on the articles that you’d like to write. Please include an estimated completion date.
  3. Only begin writing after you receive a work order.

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Available Article Topics

Articles that are crossed out are already being written.

TBN community photo gallery posts

For these you will search TBN for photos and provide the photo URL, username of who posted it, and a 1-2 sentence friendly anecdote about each. See TractorByNet.com | Photo Galleries for examples.

Each gallery should have at least 12 images but can be as many as 20 if you find a lot of good content.

Searches will use google image search with specific keywords to narrow images to TBN and then you will get taken directly to the page where the attachment is.

  • Extremely happy new tractor owners (photos of new tractors, delivery photos)
  • Vintage iron (older vintage equipment still in use) mc
  • Multiple tractor collectors (photos of more than one machine in somebodyç—´ collection)
  • Snow removal action shots
  • FEL action shots
  • Backhoe action shots
  • Brand new Kubotas (owner photos)
  • Brand new John Deeres (owner photos)
  • Brand new Mahindras (owner photos)
  • Brand new Kiotis (owner photos)

These articles will pay $100 for two articles. They usually take me about an hour to put together one article.

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Tractor Project & Task Articles

(Give tractor owners a brief run-down of common projects that people do with their tractors. Each article should explain what the project is for (if itç—´ not self-explanatory), the equipment needed with pros/cons to different attachments, and then tips, tricks, and photos of the project. Example: TractorByNet.com | Photo Galleries )

These articles pay $100 each:

  • Culvert installation /ms pending
  • New driveway/road installation (include: gravel size, how much gravel needed) /ms
  • Driveway grading /ms
  • Stump removal (include different methods) /ms pending
  • Building a pond
  • Leveling for a building pad
  • DIY timber making (sawmills, etc)
  • Starting a food plot or garden
  • Fence post hole drilling (depth, tools, straight line over long distance, concrete, filling, stability)
  • Retaining wall on a budget
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Logging with a tractor
  • Snow removal /ms pending
  • Field mowing
  • Starting a new lawn/planting a lawn
  • Haying az
  • Getting started with welding (what equipment, how-to resources, etc)

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“New to Tractors” Articles

  • Tractor size overview (photo + info guide on all types of tractor from lawn tractor up to 4wd ag tractor) $100
  • Compact tractor size guide/What size compact tractor do you need?(SCUT through Utility Tractor, include acreage charts) $100
  • Compact tractors/features explained $50 each topic in “basic info plus photo” format (average ~500 words each x 10 articles to form one big article/guide. Prefer one person write all of these)
    -Transmission types
    -3-point hitch (specs on category 0,1,2,3, plus info on draft control)
    -What is a PTO?
    -What are hydraulics?
    -2wd vs 4wd
    -ROPS and safety features
    -Which tires?
    -Ballast options
    -Popular accessories (cabs, folding rops, etc)
  • All the Attachments (Covering all popular tractor attachments. What they are, what they’re used for, etc. About 50-100 words per attachment) – $200 /jr
  • Used tractor buying checklist $100
  • Glossary of tractor terms and acronyms – $100
  • Tractor safety tips – $100

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