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    Default Re: The New Rip and Dig Attachment - Order Online!

    Quote Originally Posted by Timber View Post
    What kind of sissy tractors are you guys buying that you worried about your Fell comming apart, I have dug 5' holes, plowed snow for years, tumbled boulders I couldn't lift. I hardly think a ratchet rake could do any damage to my loader. What exactly do you use your loader for if your afraid to use it to push into a pile of dirt
    Totally agree! And I bet you don't wax your tractor.

    Last fall I made a tool that is quite similar.
    It is a massive tooth, 16" long made from a truck axle and attaches to my bucket like a single clamp on bucket fork only center mounted.
    Naturally the welding is HD deep penetration.
    I have plucked foot sized stones from the driveway, root balls as well as complete 2" or so trees.
    Procedure is to tilt bucked downwards about 45 deg and drive the pin into and under the root then tilt bucket upwards. In most cases the entire ball comes free but if an errant root remains you simply maneuver for better placement and repeat. I found that very little soil was lifted with this process.
    And my bucket shows no adverse signs.

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    Default Re: The New Rip and Dig Attachment - Order Online!

    I just bought the Rip and Dig. Used it today for a shallow trench at two gates to run electric fence jumper across the gate. Pretty handy tool. I could have made good use of it last week when we stuck the auger 4 ft deep.
    Im also going to try it for a 60 ft trench to bury electric cable from my barn to the fence for fencer and trough heater plugs instead of extension cords. I dont have a backhoe and I dont wsnt to rent one for small jobs and who wants to shovel by hand in hard clay.

    Also going to plant some trees this fall.

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