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    Jun 2012
    Ulster County, NY
    Kubota L3800

    Default Favorite / most useful attachments

    What are your favorite and/or most useful attachments and why?

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    May 2009
    Churchville NY
    Kubota B7800

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    toothbar...couldn't dig without it.
    Kubota B-7800, LA402 FEL, 6' KK back blade, 5' Sevona tiller, Taylor-Way BB, BMB 5' Rotary Cutter,Arps 8' Rake, Landpride RFM, 16' ProTech 6 ton trailer

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    Apr 2008
    Central Ohio

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    favorite/most fun = backhoe
    most useful = tiller
    Simon Acres Shetlands

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    Aug 2012
    west, ar

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    FEL, Box blade, Brush cutter, Ratchet rake, in that order. Order may change when I get the new WR Long Grapple.

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    Bismarck Arkansas
    2009 Kubota RTV 900, 2009 Kubota B26 TLB & 2010 model LS P7010

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    Backhoe without a doubt. Cant believe how long it took me to get one. If I had bought one as my first tractor, I likely would still only have one tractor.
    2010 LS P-7010C 20F/20R gear tractor & FEL, 2009 Kubota B 26 TLB, RTV 900 Kubota,17 foot Lund boat with 70HP motor, 2012-20 ft 12k GVW trailer, 2011- 52" Craftsman ZTR mower, 2013 Ferris Zero Turn, 3 weed whackers, pressure washer, leaf blowers, 7 foot bush hog, 8 foot landscape rake , 8 foot 3 PH disc, 2 row cultivator, 350 amp Miller AC/DC welding machine and all the tools needed to keep them all repaired and running.

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    La Romana, Spain.
    New Holland 50-86 / Siromer 204S / Case CK-28 / Cat 302.5 / Nissan L35.09

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    Most useful: Grader blade as we use it for lots of different types of job. (work)
    Most used: Our flat lift ploughs which enable us to cultivate the ground around here despite the large amounts of marble bedrock. (work)
    Most wanted: Muck spreader & baler - see these threads: How To Build A Traditional Hay Stack? & Anyone Ever Built a Manure Spreader?
    (these are totally for my own "boys toys" uses and nothing to do with work!!!!)
    Fiat-NH 50-86vi, Siromer 204S; Ebro 44; Case CK28; Cat 302.5; Nissan L35.09

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    Erie Pa.
    Montana R4944, Ford Jubilee, Ford 621, Ford 841

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    FEL without a doubt! I will even use it more when I get my grapple!
    Montana R4944
    Ford Jubliee, Ford 841, Ford 621 industrial with FEL & BH

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    Apr 2007
    NorthEastern, VT
    Kubota L3010DT, Dresser TD7G Dozer

    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    Most needed: Rear Blade - Couldn't do without it
    Most useful: Land Plane Grading Scraper - Get the most work done in shortest time
    Most used: Logging winch and grapple - My therapy toys
    "If you're not making any mistakes then you're not doing anything"

    L3010DT, Farmi JL290 Winch, ATI Grapple, BearCat 5" Chipper, 6' Rear Blade,
    7' Sickle Bar, 5' Land Plane Grading Scraper, Dresser TD7G Dozer

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    Default Re: Favorite / most useful attachments

    I'm not a farmer, so mine may be different:
    Most used: Bush Hog...gotta keep the trails to tree stands open!
    Most helpful: Cultivator...gotta tweak and peek those food plots.
    Also use a plow point, tiller and the FEL

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    I would have to say Pallet Forks. Now all my other attachments and anythings, to heavy to lift, is placed on pallets, for easy movement.

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