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    Default Re: Check Out My HPX

    I had this weekend to do a little studying- I know that according to the parts manual there are two bearings on the driveshaft-

    And there isn't a grease fitting on either one...Which I dont like.

    I like the idea of two seperate systems...I also was wondering about some sort of pull start like they offered on old 4x2's, in case of starter/electrical problems out in the woods.

    Has anyone rigged up a hand throttle yet? I was moving some logs today (I have a wireless winch controller) and had to lay a brick on the pedal to keep RPM's up and battery charged.

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    Default Re: Check Out My HPX

    kubota sells a thottle control system, something you could set your rpms at any point you would need. I do not have one on my RTV, but thought about getting one myself. Maybe there would be someway you could get one and install it on your machine. Ain't much to them ~~~~~~~

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    Default Re: Check Out My HPX

    there are grease erts on both shafts right at the connections by the bearings but as for as a ert on the bearing no there isn't any so you have to do like me i have a can of lithium grease in a spray can and after a good washing i put the nozzle right up against the bearing abd give them a good spraying . the lithium grease sticks pretty good and it kinda seals the bearing from the mud and water. i already had to replace my rear bearing because it went out ever sense then i make sure to keep them lubed. to get to the front one just pop the middle console out. and to grease the shaft erts you have to go from underneath the hpx.

    i don't know how much torque a cordless drill has but you could make an adaptor to fit the pulley on the flywheel and just turn the engine over with the cordless drill. make a pipe or round bar about 2' long and put the attachment on the end of it so you could reach the flywheel from the outside of the hpx.

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    Default Re: Check Out My HPX

    I'll go check into the kubota throttle system.

    I like the cordless drill idea..I've got a makita that probably would turn over the engine no problem. I haven't had any problems yet (we'll the clutch fell off the day I got it, bolt overtoqued at factory and rang off) but I'd hate to be stuck.

    Sorry it takes me so long to reply, this is a busy time of year for us deere dealers.

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