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    Default Re: What size Tractor do i need?

    Sometimes being financially responsible can bite you in the behind. On a couple of occasions I was refused credit because I had not borrowed enough over the years and didn't have a credit card. We have paid cash for the last car and two tractors we bought and probably couldn't get approved to finance anything anymore.

    If I ever buy anything else, I may look into financing to see what happens.
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    Default Re: What size Tractor do i need?

    I have a couple of credit cards. One is used for fuel & the other for everything else. Both get paid in full every month. I finally got a gas card when they made it too difficult to pay cash. It might be a good idea to get a credit card just to establish an on going credit history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Zinj View Post

    Couple of points on your list that you may want to consider.

    1. The pond may require permits depending on the use and size. Check with your building inspector, town forester, or cooperative extension.

    2. Trash dumps should be left alone, or completely removed. Movement and reburial is likely to get you in super hot water with the EPA, with fines that will bankrupt you. Cans & bottles can be recycled. Automotive parts should be recycled - if only as scrape metal - and might net you enough money to cover transport costs. Roofing shingles are usually considered petroleum contaminated and require either burning or recycling - check with a paving company - they might pick them up for nothing. I'd a haul out those cement block pieces, and the slab, and bust them up for road material.

    3. Check with your state laws on damming that stream. There are EPA considerations for all wetlands, and safety considerations for all dams on streams. Look for Permit by Notification on the state website. And fines for violations on dam construction can ruin you too.

    I'm from New Hampshire which is getting more nanny state by the day. You look like you're in the west, so you might have fewer regs to worry about.
    I did check with the DNR? i forget what the office was called but they looked it up and said there is no problem for me to build a dam, they actually gave me a list of contractors who would do it. The trash has been there for 30 years or so, there is no laws around here for that stuff, maybe toxic waste or oil but people all the time use areas of their land for trash burning pits, burying trash and construction debris.
    I will look up all the laws on it all before i do anything though. It's not like a mountain of trash or anything, just like 6 or 7 cement blocks, some old fencing, small piles of stuff scattered.

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