In November of last year, not long after putting my 850 into winter hibernation, I posted the following.

I have a 1985 John Deere 850 powered by a Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel engine. I have been having problems starting the tractor. At times when turning the ingition to the start position the starter will not engage but the solenoid will click. The tractor will eventually start but only after many turns of the key. I have replaced the starter, cleaned and/or replaced the battery cable terminals, and replaced the battery. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what did you do to solve the problem?

One of the replies I received referred me to another posting that described a problem similar to mine, and a possible solution to the problem.

Click this thread:

After reading the thread I eventually made it to the nearest John Deere dealer and purchased kit AM107421 with the low voltage starter relay. (The kit costs about $35.00) To my surprise, the kit is actually made for Kawasaki lawn tractors. Therefore, I had to make some modification to the wiring connectors as they did not match up to those on the tractor. After installing the kit I climbed on the tractor, turned the key, and the tractor started right up. My thanks to veteran member K7LN for his help!!!