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    Default Glow plug problem

    I have a 3710 with less than 400 hours, normally the glow plug indicator lights for about 5 seconds first start of a warm day. The other day it stayed on for about 15 seconds, even though it was above 80 degrees. A little while later while mowing I noticed the indicator light was on with the engine running and warm. I shut it down and restarted, the light stay out. Now the glow plug indicater seems to come on randomly while the engine is running and fully warmed up! I disconnected the glow plug lead in fear of burning the glow plugs out. Anybody got any ideas why this would be happening and how to fix?

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    Default Re: Glow plug problem

    Hopefully someone with your exact tractor will chime in, but until then:
    Many of the diesel vehicles I have owned that have automatic glowplugs used either a temperature sensor, or a bimetallic temperature transducer to tell the glow plug controller how to act. If you can trace some of the wiring from the glowplug power source, this could lead you to trace back to some sort of temperature sensor that could be tested. Wires checked, etc.

    My BX2200 is simple like me. It only burns it's plugs when I have the switch in the glow plug position. I kind of like this simple approach.

    Most systems, if push comes to shove, can be made completely manual if repairing them with replacement parts becomes too expensive, so not to worry.

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    Default Re: Glow plug problem

    Joe, This has came up a few times. If you search glow plug controller you will find it. Your problem is the controller.
    This is one...

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