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    Default Shift Problem?

    Hello everyone. I finally joined a couple of months ago, I read alot on here and love the projects but have not posted anything more than a greeting.
    Here is my first question. I "aquired" a kubota L3450 GST with a large hole in the block where the piston wanted out. After 2 years I split the tractor fixed the block and rebuilt the engine. Suprisingly the tractor runs very good and I have been using it some. The problem I have (if it is a problem) when I shift from one gear to another without the clutch the tractor comes to a complete stop for a couple seconds then continues moving. If I use the clutch it operates like a normal manual shift. Is this normal for a GST? I have never owned one before.

    Thanks Dirk

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    Default Re: Shift Problem?

    I love this transmission! When you change gears, the Hydraulics operates the clutch, changes the gears, then releases the clutch. Yes there is a time, just like manual clutch shifts, that there is gear train is disconnected. But when in gear just as solid as standard transmission. Learn to expect this short release time.


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    Default Re: Shift Problem?

    How about a round of applause for the first time poster answering the second time poster with seemingly accurate info. I would say exactly the type of members that are the norm here at TBN!

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