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    Default Help with adding hydraulic chute rotater

    I know this is somewhere on the forum in the past-BUT I can't find it after searching for nearly 3 hours! I am looking for help with part numbers, pictures, and some guidance so that I can add a hydraulic chute rotator to my 2750D snow blower. Who has done this project? Buying the OEM kubota kit is not an option at $850!

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    Default Re: Help with adding hydraulic chute rotater

    My tractor is a 2910 so I don't know if the parts are the same.
    See my post here:
    BL4690BH/16" bucket
    Curtis hard cab
    B2782 snoblower
    BL7554 box scraper
    60" york rake
    AND, a 2nd LA403 loader valve!

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    Default Re: Help with adding hydraulic chute rotater


    I think it is bx2750 snowblower operation(don't quote me). If you send me a pm w/ email I can send you what DSmiley sent me. It is a full shopping checklist. I am in the process of copying what he did. I got some suggestions if you want. I got my motor for $36.50 shipped to my house and hooked it up today. Now just on to metal fab when it gets a little warmer. Working in my unheated barn at 15 degrees is not fun.

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