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    Default b7610 frozen loader joystick?

    the last few times ive used the tractor, it has been below freezing. (7 degrees out yesterday)

    the loader will go up and the bucket will curl, but i cannot dump or drop the loader until the tractor has run for about a half hour or more...then all works fine.

    is it possible i have some water frozen somewhere that would cause this?


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    Default Re: b7610 frozen loader joystick?

    Had the exact problem with my B2910 and 402 loader. I took off the Plastice cover on the loader control, found that snow had blown up under it. There is a small tie rod link that they use as a universal joint, that had iced up, a little shot of WD-40 from the house was enough to warm it and melt the ice hopefully the WD40 will displace the water and it will be A OK!

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    Default Re: b7610 frozen loader joystick?

    WiJC -

    I just replied to another post - click here for the other thread / pictures that I just posted.

    The "float" position hasn't "locked" in on my B7610 for over a year - although the float works if I hold it there. I had the same problem as you early last winter - but it was my "dump / curl" - my up/down worked fine.

    I think the spring covers at the bottom end of the FEL valve are the problem in either case - some water gets into the hydraulic system (condensation - or leaking at the fill cap) and "pools" there - and freezes / causes corrosion etc. - causing one or both of the FEL valves to stick until warmed up.

    Hope that helps,


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