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    Default Pulling over trees...

    Thought I'd share how I remove stumps. I'd been wanting to do some thinning but didn't want to rent a stump grinder. I've pulled over trees before but not many this big. We had a lot of rain the last few days so I thought I'd give it a go. In two hours I pulled over four fairly big (12-16 inches diameter at the base) oaks - a red oak, two white oaks, and a post oak.

    Two came out fairly easy but on two I had to cut a couple of roots. On the largest one, I had to cut one root on the backside but the root was kind of exposed from the initial pulls so I was able to make a plunge cut into the root without messing up my old chain more than it already was.

    Now that the trees are down, I'll leave a 10-12 sections attached to the stumps end push the end around in a circle until all of the roots pop free.

    I used a 24 foot extension ladder to get a 5/8 choker cable as high into the trees as possible. Then I used a combination of chain and tow straps to make sure my a had more length than the height of the tree. It would probably be safer to use a long cable of the appropriate size but I don't have one.

    As you can see in the pictures, I left the landscape rake on the 3pt. The tow strap rides between the tines and I'm hoping the rake could provide some protection against a flying strap or chain. I did have one close call when a strap broke and the hook flew 50' and landed abeam the tractor. That was the first tree and I switched to larger straps after that. I'm thinking of welding expanded mesh to the bottom (non-folding half) of the ROPS for extra piece of mind but I'd welcome any other comments from the safety minded. I've seen people put an old blanket over the chain/cable/strap when pulling. Does that really provide anything other than piece of mind?

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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Looks like you did good. I like the method you describe of pulling the butt log around in circles to get the root ball loosened.
    The blanket on the cable works. It is for more than just peace of mind.
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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    I would only use chain not cable. I don't think a broken chain will whip as much as broken cable.
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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Blanket over a chain does work, it dampens the whipping action. The heavier the blanket the better Beautiful place. Lot of heart felt work goes into that. More pics?

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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Good job Super Cobra those are big trees.

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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Super cobra, what is funny is your barn is almost exactly like my barn and I have an oak tree that sits in front of my barn like the one you just pulled down....I can't tell you how many times that Oak has been in my way but it is such a nice tree and health I can bring myself to take it down although it would make things much easier...

    Those were big trees...well done.

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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    I have popped smaller ones out using and spare tire and rope attached to the base then straight up over the tire and finally attached to the tractor,they pop like a cork.
    Never attempted your idea though..good job.
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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Looks good, any more pics of the entire rigging (tractor, tree, cable and all?)

    It's amazing what good leverage can do.
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    That is a beautiful barn

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    Default Re: Pulling over trees...

    Very impressive ! Nice work.

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