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    Default Re: Removing trees growing next to foundations.

    Drive a copper nail in it.

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    Default Re: Removing trees growing next to foundations.

    It looks good the way it is....just cover it up, and mow off whatever shows up.

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    Default Re: Removing trees growing next to foundations.

    I plan to put a rack there for metal and pipe. The plan was to kill what I could prior to building it. Then control what came up. What you see is what I could not get.

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    Default Re: Removing trees growing next to foundations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redbug View Post
    Glyphosate, (Roundup), will do the same thing. After you cut the tree/bush just brush the chemical on the stump without any dilution for a complete kill.

    I don't think I would do any more digging or pulling since it could damage the foundation. Just let nature do it's work and fill in the low spots later.
    Roundup works and I just used it on some 6 inch stumps. Cut tree and within a couple minutes coat the cut with CONCENTRATED glyphosate--Roundup. Do it a couple more times but must be completed with 45 minutes of the initial cut. All trees I have ever done like this died. Don't dig near the foundation--lots of really bad and expensive things can happen.

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