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Thanks for the info, learn something new every day, well today anyway.
Recently I mounted twin car horns and a horn button with the power lead running directly from the battery to the horn relay. They fit easily under the hood of our B2320 just in front of the air cleaner, with one aimed forward and one to the right. The horn button is mounted on the right fender panel between the toggle buttons for the (future install) LED ROPS mounted auxillary headlights and fender mounted work light.

The rationale was that more than once either my wife or I have been using the tractor somewhere out of view or (because of ambient noise around the non-tractor person, e.g., my compressor cycling) out of hearing of the other and needed something or needed help with something that could not wait, and I also worried that she might get into trouble or a situation she could not get out of or get off the tractor safely.

Any way now, even with the tractor off, the horns (12$ at HF) sound like air horns on a big truck ( > 110 dcb) and are sure to get the needed attention.

In fact, my wife has made herself jump a few times by tapping the horn button (from autozone because HF doesn't carry any).

BTW, the autozone price for the horns was about 3X HFs, even before the ubiquitous 20% off coupon.