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    Default Toolcat 5600 tracking issues

    I have a 5600 Toolcat and I am having issues with the rear wheels not staying tracking straight, even when it is locked into front wheel steering. I continually have to switch to all wheel steering and turn my back wheels until the wheel straight light comes on then I can switch back to front wheel steering for a very short while then I have to repeat the process. In short the rear end drifts. I contacted the service department for our local Bobcat dealer and they told me the didn't know where to begin and it would cost me $10,000.00 or more to get the answer. Help!!!!

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    Default Re: Toolcat 5600 tracking issues

    I certainly don't know toolcats, but it must be either a leaky valve or a leaking cylinder (side to side, not necessarily dripping on the ground).

    All I can think is to disconnect the lines and put caps on the cylinder. Drive around. Does it drift?
    Probably should cap (or connect?) the lines that were disconnected from the cylinder, too.

    If so, cylinder problem. If not, some valving/control issue.

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    Any chance you got air in lines. I had a loader issue once that was secondary to air in lines. It resolved once air was removed. BTW , bobcat wanted around $1300 for a new joystick.

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    Default Re: Toolcat 5600 tracking issues

    What Series is your 5600?

    Here is an older thread with some info that might help:
    Hold "Ctrl" (Control) and click on a picture or a Link, to open it in a new Tab.

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    Default Re: Toolcat 5600 tracking issues

    Our 12 ton Dynalift telehandler used to do the same thing. You had to keep fixing the orientation of the back wheels. I guess it was just worn hydraulic cylinders or valves. I just got used to it.

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