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    Default Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    I had to move my log splitter about 5 miles to a friends house, this has a 1-7/8 trailer coupler and break away chains for towing but no lights at all, not even reflectors. This was day time though.

    I called the local PD and they said it would not be allowed to tow and would have to be carried in the back of a truck, well I came up with this method which may be misuse of SMV placard but I wanted the attention it provided so no one rear ended me.

    I did go slow and it towed nicely not bouncing around or anything. Forget about backing up though, to short and can't see it.

    Do any of you tow these things?

    Thanks, JB.
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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    I don't know if its legal or not but I have seen them towed around where I live on numerous occasions...

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    I have. I put magnetic trailer lights on it. Rental place had no issues with sending it out with no lights.
    In retrospect I think I was in the wrong. I'm not certain they are road worthy. They seem kind of narrow and top heavy.

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    In WI, lights are required. If you go with the SMV placard, you can't exceed 25mph.

    In MN, lights aren't required if you can see the lights on the vehicle (unless towing at night).

    Every state is different, in other words.

    Either way, you can pick up a set of magnetic trailer lights from Harbor Freight for $30. Usually find them on sale for 15 or 20.


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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    I pull one in East Texas. Don't really know whether it is legal or not. I do know the tail lights on my pickup are very visible on each side of the splitter. It seems to me the DPS allow this, haven't ever heard of anyone getting a ticket. When I need to back up I disconnect and back by hand.

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    I pull my splitter here in Georgia and I bought one of those bicycle - white rods with a flag on top it is about 4 ft. high and bolted it to the back of the splitter so it makes the end of the splitter visible to cars behind and I can then see it in my rear view mirror so I can back up if need be. It tows great problem...and my truck lights are very visible as well.

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    Good question. I see contractors pulling cement mixers and air compressors fairly often that do not have lights. And the rental yards send them out here that way, too. I'll have to call the local County Police and ask.

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    Quote Originally Posted by MossRoad View Post
    Good question. I see contractors pulling cement mixers and air compressors fairly often that do not have lights. And the rental yards send them out here that way, too. I'll have to call the local County Police and ask.
    I have seen the same thing.. Even at interstate highway speeds..

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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    It is legal to tow a splitter, compressor, cement mixer, etc on the road in NY without a tag on it.
    The NY DMV website says:
    Section 156 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law defines a trailer as:
    Any vehicle not propelled by its own power, drawn on the public highways by a motor vehicle as
    defined in section one hundred twenty-five operated thereon, except motorcycle side cars, vehicles
    being towed by a non-rigid support and vehicles designed and primarily used for other purposes and
    only occasionally drawn by such a motor vehicle.
    Based on this definition, the vehicles listed below do not have to be registered in New York State. This list is
    not complete, but it does provide some examples of this type of vehicle.
    These vehicles can not be used to carry anything other than the devices mounted on them. If a vehicle is
    equipped with boxes or bins, and is used to carry tools and accessories, it is no longer exempt from
    Because these vehicles do not operate under their own power, they never require a registration, but the
    vehicle that tows them must be registered.

    • Welding machine mounted on a chassis.
    • Well drillers mounted on a chassis.
    • Wood sawing outfit mounted on a chassis.
    • Wood chipper mounted on a chassis.
    • Tar kettle mounted on wheels.
    • Electrical transformer mounted on wheels.
    • Air compressor mounted on wheels.
    • Water pump mounted on wheels.
    • Pipe threading machine mounted on wheels.
    • Concrete mixer mounted on wheels.
    • Paint outfit (air compressor and tank) mounted on wheels.
    • Insecticide spray outfit mounted on wheels.
    • Portable sheep dipping vat mounted on wheels.
    • Trailer used as an office on a job site.
    • Trailer used for tools and equipment when equipped with shelves and bins, etc., on a job site (shelves and bins must be empty when towed on the road).
    • Tow dolly.
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    Default Re: Legal to Tow a Log Splitter?

    In Michigan, the rental yards send them out without lights all the time. As long as the tail lights on the towing vehicle are clear, I don't see a problem.

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