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L8 Gravely
Gravely L8
Model Year: 1965

It was my grandfathers so it was probably bought before I was born. It was definitely manufactured before I was born. It does everything you could reasonably expect and more. Especially effective brush cutting and snow removal.

Pros: Built to last.
Cons: No neutral, it will creep away if left unattended.

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Anonymous Poster

L8 Gravely
Walkbehind Gravely
Model Year: 1968


Pros: Durable, powerful, all direct drive for attachments.
Cons: Sometimes hard to control.

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L8 Gravely
Gravely 7.6 (L8) Convertible Tractor
Model Year: 1966

Versatile walk behind or ride with power attachments to the front and riding attachments to the rear for steering or rolling actions. All gear driven 4 speed transmission with optional 8 speed transmission reducing origin 4 speeds by one half. Have used tractor(s) mainly for lawn mowing although have 50 gallon sprayer for apple trees.

Pros: Versatile.
Cons: This model no longer made, harder to find service.

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L8 Gravely
Gravely L8
Model Year: 1964


Pros: Built like a tank.
Cons: No longer made.

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nate in pa

L8 Gravely
1963 Gravely L8
Model Year: 1963

This is a machine that was built like a tank. The only downfall is the age for locating parts. You can but you may have to pay to get them. I'm planning a repower of my L8 with a 12 or 16 hp Honda with electric start. I have a snow blower plow 30" rotary mower and a sulky.

Pros: Tons of attachments.
Cons: Age.