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I am tearing down a GT14 and it has a good Ignition switch that I will sell for $39.00, plus shipping.
Call me at 570-253-4810. There is a lot of other good parts on this tractor, and the BM480-SBE mower deck.
I sent you a PM regarding schematics for our f935. We are having problems with the PTO not powering up. We are able to engage drive without shutting down so do not suspect a parking brake issue.

Also, sometime in the past the lights were disconnected and would like to know where they tie into 12V power.
Thanks for your catch. I hit that link yesterday which caused my anti-virus to go nuts, so I'm not sure what's up, but I appreciate your vigilance!
I have a john deere 5420. There a clicking noice when i turn the ignition switch on, on the right side under the tractor floor. I found the fuse thats stopes the clicking. It’s labeled TRLR Power. What does it power?
My 5220 has a full 7 pin RV style trailer plug from the factory -assume that's what it is