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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    You should consider the Hardie boards as a replacement as long as it's only appearance and not structural. They're impervious to most every thing and holds paint very well.
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    Gate Help!

    You might want to check out "gate screening" at Here They have many different styles, sizes, and colors. They show the weight for each of their choices.
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Here's the scaffolding I have and the brand is on the label on the planks along with their website and phone number. Keep in mind these are from many years ago. The quality is excellent especially considering how much time they've spent exposed to the weather. As a side note: these were made...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    I needed to reside my barn in 2006. It is 2 story with the roof peak at 25'. I knew it was going to take awhile to do the whole thing so I looked at both man lifts and scaffolds. The siding was 12' long hardie planks so 1 person wasn't going to be able to do it. Thus 2 man lifts would be needed...
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    Welded vs bolted scraper edge-3pt blower

    If you ever have to replace the edge, you'll wish you'd gotten the bolt on one. Welding on a scraper edge requires some expertise to keep the blade from warping.
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    Pot metal repair

    With that being pot metal and containing a fair amount of zinc, be sure to look up "metal fume fever" before you attempt to weld on it.
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    Expanding foam that birds can't eat

    I used 1/8" hardware cloth and that stopped them.
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    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    I talked to the FWS folks about this many years ago and they investigated a county where there were no hogs in many neighboring counties. They found the hogs had been imported for hunting and had escaped. They are very destructive and can do a lot of damage overnight. Unfortunately there...
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    Replacing 1 tire - or 2?

    There is a thread about whether just the front tires need to be replaced or all four, answer was that just the fronts. My question goes one step further. On the front axle of a 4wd tractor, can just one tire be replaced or do both sides need replacing? The left front has a leak in it and I have...
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    Building a Green House.

    A greenhouse in on our list to build as well, but it will be a little while yet. About those geo thermal loops. I can see them working in the cold regions of the US as long as they're below the frost line. But, what about down here in the south? Anyone have experience with them in the south...
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    Egg Custard FAIL - please advise?

    While we're on the subject of eggs and the importance of directions and time. I've been doing hard boiled eggs like Mom told me to which was in a pan of boiling water with 1 week old eggs. Still had a problem peeling them and some times the yolk would have a green ring or the very center wasn't...
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    Doesn't make sense to me....

    You missed the second part of my post. The part about having to keep current with flying hours, etc. The pilot & crew can fly around in circles over the airport every month or they can actually go some place to meet their currency requirement. It makes no difference on fuel used or maintenance...
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    Doesn't make sense to me....

    That made the trip tax deductable and the company paid for the travel and meal and incindentals. By the Way! Pilots have to keep current with some amount of flying hours, number of approaches, and some number of touchdowns each month. Might as well take someone somewhere to meet the currency...
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    Lawyer trouble.

    Definitely!!! We sold 3 properties together and a lawyer wanted all the proceeds apply to one of the three and the other two we were supposed to gift. No Way! We spent months arguing over this, finally changed to a lawyer that would go to court and it was resolved in a few weeks. Our CPA did...
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    Lawyer trouble.

    And after several months, they turn it over to another lawyer in the office and both charge for consulting with each other, then the 2nd lawyer spends several months to "finish" it up.