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    Trying to figure out WHAT BRAND this deal is ? WHO it is ? legitimate, scam, marketing ???

    Yea right. Lets mow the woods off and get the lawn on the way out. Not sure how sharp the blades will be at that point. Its sure cool though...😎
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    Beware! Yellow jackets are out.

    I got hornets. The little ones. Nasty little SOB's Trimming hedges with a hedge trimmer stirs them up quick. And they'll chase you down for about 20-30 feet.
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    CHipper for a YM 155D

    I don't believe so (on the 2stage). Of course the ratio of the pulleys mean a lot. The bigger the chipper the bigger and heavier the flywheel. Rotating mass I believe is the secret. Plus bigger and more knives. That's where all the hp is needed. All my own opinion...😉
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    CHipper for a YM 155D

    This chipper goes up to 3". Does green as well as dry in the chipper part. The dryer the better in the shredder. And doesn't like green viney stuff in the shredder. The 147d is only rated about 10 pto hp. Honestly never been a problem. It will slip/burn the belts before it runs out of power..
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    CHipper for a YM 155D

    I run this one on my 147d with no problem...
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    looking for a rebuilder for my 425 engine

    I've used these guys Very knowledgeable about the 620d. I've used myself for parts. They rebuild, sell replacement motors and parts. I believe they're in the Lancaster County area. BTW. I'm in Bangor too..!
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    Cool Nature Photos

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    Cool Nature Photos

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    K & M Low- Profile Mechanical Seat Suspension

    Have one on my Yanmar. Could use a little more travel but definitely worth it. It does rise you 1"-1 1/2" but I had to fab things differently anyway so I took that into consideration ..
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    ?????? GROAN

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    Tire Selection B7300 front tires

    Try "Surplus Center". They "had" 20x8x10 at one time.Although they were Wanda. Cheap. I know it's not the exact size you're looking for but may be fine if you're not 4wd.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    In all honesty I don't think the dealers make overly great money either.