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    Grapple Options

    If you're looking to move a lot of brush, some trunk parts, I find the grapple bucket limiting bit adequate for occasional yard/property chores. For work, a dedicated brush grapple is worth investing in. On my 1850 I use the 34" one from pallet forks. Com. On the 425 the power trac made...
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    Where to find PT425 48" Mower Deck Blades

    The pricing helps make me nostalgic. Lol
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    1978 Terramite 4 Hydrulic problem

    Does it tram well even if it's a hill or over an obstacle that requires pressure? If you're only losing curl/cylinder function you might have a sticky relief though you should be able to hear it squealing. It sounds like you're building up heat in the fluid maybe. Open all the access panels...
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    Near new Deutz diesel Power Trac 1430 and attachments for sale in NC

    If you have ongoing auger needs... That one is easy mod for excavator use. Judging by the type of rock, you may be talking about a big excavator tho.
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    RK19 Has this happened to you

    I hope he gets some help but... It's a dead end unless the dealer also set up the shaft and implement. Matched and appropriate setup aren't the same.
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    422 fan thermostat / fuse

    The thermal switch in mine went bad and the pto switch was on its last... I replaced them with a 3 position switch on the dash. Now I control the fan. Off, on (fan only), on fan+pto
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    Bora spacer mounting bolt thread

    Looks like a single offset to aid in traversing slope.
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    Predator yay or nay

    Got the pm delete/edit this.
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    Predator yay or nay

    The gx630 is a 21. Never noticed a significant power loss except with the trencher. Thrifty, reliable engine. The seller is a maintenance/service Mgr for united rentals. Not a lemon dealer. If you're interested in them pm. Happy to help. Nothing in it for me... The predators are OK....don't...
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    rk25 bucket not level

    Thx for the update. Everybody else waiting for the mobile service guy appreciates your patience!
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    5' King Kutter bent bush hog Lift Arm Brace

    Good eye ruff dog. These bend so other things don't, resist the temptation to reinforce that stay. Replace it with a new one. Keep the olds as spares. Also if you're unfamiliar with running a brush deck, mind that when you turn sharply the leading edge wants to dive. Lift a bit, turn, lower...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    There are often multiple reliefs in the system. Under that nut is either a relief or an adjustment for the divider. I think you're on the right track. That lil plug w oring could be a bleeder. It's possible that air was introduced to the system during filter change and pushed out at the oring...
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    Predator yay or nay

    Give your gf the Honda gx series the predator is based on. I've used both in several repowers and way better service from the Honda. A guy near me has 2 gx630 engines for 700. Brand new and one w 10h for 600. From an abandoned project. Near Burlington NC. I could get them as close to you as...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    I suggest posting this in the hydraulics forum for a wider range of eyeballs on the question. It sounds like excess pressure. You may have a relief valve stuck. You can buy, make or get a shop to use a pressure test gage to verify the spike in pressure. Could be the result of a collapsed or...
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    Bolt on blade for buckets

    Same happens to mine. I repaired it and braced it with a steel 'x' across the bottom.... Helps. We tend to use a mini skidsteer land plane now. Built to backdrag and works on the same cheese slicer concept. Easy to fab or relatively low cost purchase. has them..