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    Check out these prices Andy
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    Skidsteer rentals

    Removing stumps with a loader bucket is very difficult if not impossible. A backhoe or small excavator is the preferred tool Andy
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    Price Check Ford 1100 value

    On Tractorhouse they seem to be going for about $3,000 without loader. Parts availability could be a big issue Andy
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    Actual lift capacity mx 5400

    I have the Land Pride SCG1572 on my M5200 and have never had any trouble lifting anything I can grab. For a grill guard you may want to look at Andy
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    B2400 —a good buy?

    I agree $8K with the attachments is a great deal. Enjoy Andy
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    B2400 —a good buy?

    Good luck. Let us know how it turns out
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    B2400 —a good buy?

    If it's in as good shape as it looks. $6k is a steal Andy
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    Kubota or mahindra

    I've operated several Mahindra's owned by friend which all worked well, The problem came in with awful parts availability. Kubota stands behind their produts Andy
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    LED Lights on ROPS

    Easiest way I know to mount is using a couple of magnets Andy
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    Cone wood splitters

    Amazon list a ton of tiny ones for drills...
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    KTAC Negotiable?

    KTAC covers much more than most if not all other insurance. Andy
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    Mahindra 1538 thoughts?

    I've had 2 friends with Mahindras. Tractors were fine. Parts availability not so much Andy
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    trailer without brakes - max weight

    Conn requires brakes on any trailer over 3000 pound gross weight Andy
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    Zerks and tears

    When I have a zerk that won't take grease i use one of these
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    Does this noise indicate an issue that can cause damage?

    Doesn't sound normal to me. None of my tractors have ever made a sound like that Andy