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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    I to have have been close to death or injury by forgetting to engage 4WD when going down a hill. If you have only flat ground, use 4WD when wheels slip. If you have hills ALWAYS keep in 4WD. If you forget to disable 4WD on pavement you may damage your tractor. If you forget to engage 4WD on a...
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    Buying Advice I am looking for the "most" stable CUT for my hillside avocado orchard

    I have a 25AC Avocado orchard on a steep hillside. I currently have two tractors, a Deere 1050 with front weights (no FEL), and Kubota B9200HST with a FEL. I am looking for a (used) 40hp+/- CUT to maintain my steep roads, move 1000lb bins of avocados and transport and run my 1300lb pto...