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    Need to be concerned about this rust?

    It depends upon how much it bothers you that there is a leak. It would weigh on my mind a lot; but for others a small leak is not a priority. Functionally, no u need not be concerned. Cosmetically, and system wise you have a low priority issue that can exist for years without significant...
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    Looking for some information on kioti codes and diagnostics

    Here is a link to a manual. Be patient, it takes about 20 minutes to open the file and then another 20 minutes to save it to your computer. But it’s well worth the effort. Http://,CK3510,4010_WM_170123.pdf
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    The Ferguson System and PTO Engagement

    The pto system on the early Ferguson and Ford tractors was not “live”. In order to have hydraulics u must have the pto engaged. When using a ground implement that is attached to the three-point u do not need to have the pto engaged. If u hit a hard spot that causes the rear wheels to start...
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    Machining metal parts

    These four YouTube channels I found to be very informative. MrPete222 Frank Hoose H&W Machine Repair and Rebuilding Joe Pieczynski I started out on the journey u are about to begin roughly six years ago and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Here are some thoughts: A mill and a lathe are...
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    Not sure what I have or what it's worth

    TO 35. Is it gas or diesel?
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    Rops sunshade with built in fan

    That’s pretty cool! No pun intended.
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    John Deere 3203 Spool Valve Question with Pics

    Put some penetrating oil on it and let it sit a few days. Take a dremel ( or similar tool) with a rotary burr and grind the threads down on two sides to make wrenching flats.
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    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    Whether you stop or not, I won’t judge you.
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    what to do with a pile of asphalt

    It can be reclaimed. Are u near a municipality that would want it? Of course u would need to allow their heavy equipment on ur property.
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    Backhoe KB KB2485 Backhoe Controls

    I have a 2485 backhoe and do not have any interference. As a previous poster mentioned there must be an incorrect assembly.
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    Does woven wire horse fence exist anymore?

    I know it’s a bit of a drive from Tyler but call Lowery Wholesale in Paradise, and see if they have it. 940-969-2527 3407 TX-114 Paradise, TX 76073 Hours M-F | 7:30AM to 4:30PM Sat | 8:00AM to 11:00AM Sun | Closed
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    IRS and what do they really do with all their power Attempt number 2

    A flat tax would shrink the size of the IRS and eliminate tax cheats, but simple solutions are not in the best interest of the government bureaucracy.
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    IRS and what do they really do with all their power Attempt number 2

    I read your first post the responses were not offensive. I can’t figure why it was locked. Like any government organization the power and funding goes towards making the organization more powerful and needing more funding.
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    Tire Sealer ZTR

    Tire seal from Texas Refinery Company
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    Oil & Fuel Cap Seal (Freeze Plug)

    U might be able to stop the leak with just a little sealant.