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    Male Half of the snowblower driveline stuck on PTO spline

    U can also try a fifteen minute soak with Naval Jelly (phosphoric acid). This will tend to dissolve rust and increase clearance between the male/female spline.
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    Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

    I use Tempo dust.
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    Oil Back Ordered

    I bought some off Amazon in 2019 for $38/gallon. Now I see they are charging $43/gallon (but back ordered). I looked at MSC and they want $82/gallon! Is that right?
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    First tractor

    That was a grueling trip!
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    What's Your Favorite Sandwich...???

    Soft shell crab sandwich especially from lower Maryland.
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    Pillow Shopping

    I use the brand “coop home goods”. They provide additional fill with there pillows so that u can make the pillow as soft or firm as u like.
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    backhoe repair

    Could be done with a shouldered bushing. But if u want it done the “right” way, I would weld a bushing in to eliminate maximum pin slop.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Just checked Consumer Reports and they say the best for the following: Solid (opaque) stain: Behr Premium Semi-Transparent : Olympic Elite Advanced Clear Sealer: Thompsons or Behr Premium (Tied)
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Another option is to switch over to calcium sulfonate based grease which is quickly taking the place of polyurea.
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    If you can find it, Mobil polyrex ep2 is also polyurea based and green and would be a very good substitute. I would have no qualms mixing these.
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    After looking for a few months I finally found some small rifle primers… felt like I won the lottery!
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Congratulations!!! [emoji313]
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    Looking for a 3rd function solenoid valve recommendation.

    I used an Eaton-Vickers valve that I bought from Surplus Center.
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    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    If you search this forum you will find all of the information you need to install your own from components purchased either online or at a local hydraulics store.