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    Regret a cab tractor?

    I'm thankful for the freedom of choice tractor manufacturers offer today, and that each has the freedom to choose. I'll be the odd one...I chose the MX6000 open station purposely! I invested 40 years of my life working M-F inside offices, data centers, airports and airplanes...and spent as...
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    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    ...Should have known you guys were all members of the Vise Squad...
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    Mr. BDHSFZ6, did you find that on the Rail Trail around Wellsboro?
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    Tomato Harvest

    Mr. MossRoad...I found your Rex Gold Youtube video on tomato! One scene which only lasts for about 30 seconds around the 9 minute mark shows the automatic "color sorter" that separates (actually KICKS OUT) green tomatoes back into the field. Amazing technology!
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    Tomato Harvest

    And how in the world do they pick tomatoes without crushing them? It's a relatively tender crop... Guess I need to Google it (Is google a noun or a verb)?
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    Ordered a eta wicked tooth bar

    Mr. Spruce Deere...for what it's worth... I added the EA provided bolts along the cutting edge to tie the original bucket cutting edge to the tooth bar. My thinking was the extra 30 minutes to do it should logically make the two locked together stronger - acting more like ~3/4 of an inch of...
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    Dozer usage

    Mr. Patrick, I have watched Squatch 253, along with Dirt Perfect. Both provide high value content on dozers and I've watched enough of them to start thinking "I should try that..."! The pond is planned to be 20 to 25 feet at the's an area that has some springs and stays wet all...
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    Dozer usage

    This dozer topic is of high interest. About 2 weeks ago, looked seriously at a '72 Cat D5 with a 4-way blade, about 65% under carriage - $10k asking price. It's still available... The older D5s are smaller than new models, this one is 27,000 pounds and it's more like a current D4 or JD450 in...
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    Do i hay or crops

    ...Money Trees...plant lots and lots of Money Trees... Not the dwarfs - they only grow $1s and $5s. Plant the tall variety for $50s and $100s. Fertilize well for a larger production. We're all available to help with harvesting! Welcome to TBN!
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    Rock Bucket for MF GC1725MB

    No - - don't go to Messick's!!! I did that once. I even picked up a Messick's decal as a souvenir... It came attached to an MX [emoji15] (as Mr. Fried says, they are customer focused and easy to work with...)
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Mr. Xfaxman, those forks will show back up on TBN 40 years from now! "...Just found these at an auction...anybody know what they are?..." It will be a thread with 400 posts, each trying to guess what they are used for! [emoji848]
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    The Top 5 Tractor Channels on YouTube

    Not pure tractors, but I like "Dirt Perfect". Learned more from watching 3 or 4 of his videos than any of the others. I like the Messick's content also...Neal doesn't hide his motives for making the videos, but still adds value nevertheless.
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    "Lolly Pop trees"...hideous...they can't be eliminated fast enough!
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    Clay aroma

    You'll get 154 replies with perspectives that range from "No worries man"...up to..."Better pack up and sell the property this afternoon"! My comment is really just to congratulate you on being in the moment, and conscious enough to pick up on the smell while you were digging the holes...most...
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    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Mr. Ovrszd, honestly, earlier this week I was thinking of you as I hadn't read any posts from you in a long while! Good to see you back...