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    Kubota ZG23 w/Kohler CH23S no spark

    G'day take the blower housing off so you can see the coils, there will be a single wire with a terminal connected to the coils take this off and check for spark, if still no spark the the coils are bad
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    Ghost in the tractor... (Engine suddenly quits with motion)

    Check to see if you have a fuel shutoff solenoid on the bottom of the fuel bowl on the carby you should hear it click when you turn the ign on if not check for power supply to it or a bad solenoid Jon
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    MF35 hyd pump

    G'day and welcome to TBN check out the Bare Co site they should have what you need Jon
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    TN85DA workshop manual

    G'day all long time since I have been here, I am just wondering if anyone has a copy of a workshop manual that they would be willing to share with me, or know of a reputable site I can download it from? Cheers and thanks in advance JD
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    6310 fault codes wanted

    Hi all I am looking for a list of fault codes for a 6310 I have one here that I have got the codes out of but do not have a list of what they mean. The fault that I have is that the reverser lever won't stay engaged it will drive if you hold it in gear but as soon as you let it go it goes back...
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    WANTED 2294 Electrical Diagram

    G'day all as the title suggests I am chasing an electrical diagram for a 2294 Case/IH I have downloaded 2 manuals and they have both been the I&T manuals and they don't give you the wiring, I have a tractor here with clutch/ trans issues in that it wont move and have pulled the control box from...
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    MF 4235 Road Speed sensor location?????

    G'day all I have a 4235 here and it is giving me a code 62 on the power shuttle that relates to road speed sensor, the prob I have is the only speed sensor I can find in the parts book relates to a radar speed sensor on the rear axle housing and it is not fitted to this tractor, can anyone tell...
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    4235 elec wiring diagram wanted

    G'day all I have a 4235 in the shop now and am having some electrical probs with it and was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram for it mainly the dash and charging circuit, I have a problem with no display on the dash or no tacho working it has had the alternator replaced recently and I am...
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    Isuzu DA 220 engine specs

    G'day all I have an Isuzu DA220 engine in the workshop at the moment for a rebuild and am having trouble finding any specs on the engine and was wondering if anyone out there had a shop manual for one? I know they were used in some forklifts and loaders but info seems to be a bit scarce on the...
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    John Deere 920 moco questions

    G'day all have my brothers 920 here doing some work on it and was trying to find if the roller timing was right as it has a new idler gear and pin to fit anyhow was looking online to see if I could find the info and no such luck, however I did find info on a 925 and was looking through it and...
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    MF 4270 transmission troubles

    G'day all I have a MF 4270 in at work at the moment with the 24x24 shuttle shift trans with an intermittent fault and was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with these:). The problem is that the tractor will not drive sometimes:confused:. Sometimes it is fine others no go at all...
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    5088 PTO seal

    Hey all I have to fit a new seal on the pto shaft on a 5088 and was wondering if I have to remove the whole assy or can I just pop it out from the back and fit a new one?? Thanks Jon
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    L2202DT Engine problems

    G'day all I have had a little L2202DT brought into the workshop for water in the oil :( not a problem BUT the owner wants a quote and knowing the likely chance of these little 3 cyl having a cracked head I want to find out if, 1 I can get a head ( not a lot of support for grey imports here...
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    John Deere 920 Mo Co Manual wanted

    G'day all as the title suggests can anyone point me in the right direction for a operators manual download ( for free if possible:D:D). My brother has one and no manual and I want to change the oils on it Thanks in advance Jon
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    3140 3PL STUCK UP?????

    G'day all I have had a job come in to the shop and as the title suggests it is a cabbed 3140 with the three point linkage stuck right up in position. I have not had a look at it yet and prob won't get to til tomorrow so I thought I would throw it out to the JD guru's here and see if someone...