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    DIY Pond?

    Looks like the ducks are getting impatient. :)
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    Thoughts On Lining Up Bucket to Front End Loader

    Lining up the SSQA was always a snap on my open station tractors. It's easy when you can stand to see the brackets. No can do on the new cab machine though.
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    How to level front end loader arms

    You may be right but in my experience, uneven loader arms can lead to an unlevel bucket. Just two of the seven new Kubotas I've bought from the same dealer over the last 45 years had the FEL bucket out of alignment. I think it was just a matter of how they were assembled, rather than a...
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    How to level front end loader arms

    Two of my Kubota tractors were delivered new with un level buckets. All the dealer did was what was suggested earlier in the thread. They loosened all the FEL mounting bolts, put a block of wood under the low side, lifted the front of the tractor off the ground and retightened the bolts. It...
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    Possible bh77 backhoe

    I had a BH76 on my old L2550. I found it to be quite capable but it did give me some grief digging in the red shale we have around here. I had to use the 12" bucket most of the time. To be fair, the BH92 I have now on my MX5800 doesn't do much better.
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    Plowing County Road??

    If your town "encourages" you to do summer road maintenance, I would check to see if you are covered by township insurance before doing any plowing. As previously mentioned, you may assume the liability if there is an accident.
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    I believe the OP stated 2500# or larger.
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    Dewalt Grease Gun - How to know tube is empty?

    I'm not sure about yours, but the 18 - 20V adapter won't fit my old DeWalt greaser. I hope Santa has a return policy :)
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    Or what he can afford to pay for.
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    backhoe trenching operations

    I do it as well with the BH92 hoe on my Kubota and never had a problem. I also use another trick to move the tractor from the backhoe seat. I bent up a length of rebar and clamped it to the HST pedal. Won't work on a gear tractor though.
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    high gear paved road

    All the HST Kubotas I've owned had this lugging issue on hills. With experience, you learn to deal with it. My current L6060 HSTC with stall guard and auto throttle advance minimizes the problem by automatically adjusting HST pedal pressure and throttle. The dual range hydro shift feature...
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    Sharpening drill bits

    Very true, you use what you have on hand. I usually keep a supply of 3/16" & smaller bits around. I order on line and it doesn't cost much.
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    Sharpening drill bits

    I've been using the Drill Doctor for years on bits 3/16 & larger. Anything smaller takes more effort than it's worth. I just toss them & replace.
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    Best Way to Weld Aluminum

    I do braze with a torch but mostly with brass or bronze. I didn't realize it could be done with aluminum. Pre heating the parts is sometimes a problem though depending on the work.
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    Thoughts On Lining Up Bucket to Front End Loader

    I use a wireless camera powered by a cordless tool battery. It has a dual magnetic base which will stick to any metal surface: I store it in the cab and place it wherever it's needed. It can also be placed on the ground which sometimes gives a better view of the work operation.