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    Do you just need the part number?
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    430 'chattering' when going up slope

    Assume the fluid level shows "full". Did you verify that? Which JD tranny fluid? low vis or regular vis ?
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    Front end loader stutters badly while raising.

    Not clear if the problem was noticed after the diverter addition. Can you clue us in ??
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    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    Hmmm?? All the suggestions for seat covers, and not a single pic... Until this thread, never heard of or thought of sliding off a seat. Just doesn't happen.
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    4110 chain boxes on quick hitch

    Pics would be helpful.. tks
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    Front tire rod bent or misaligned?

    Follow ruffdog's lead...
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    What does this mower deck fit?

    You don't have a cheap deck. Doesn't look from the pic to be well taken care of, so one could get the feeling that it is not worth much and needs a cheap tractor for it. What is the story behind your deck? just curious...
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    What does this mower deck fit?

    Look at this jd parts link.. will give you models of tractors for the 48C
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    855 Hydraulic Hose Help

    Agree that the hoses need to be wrapped and positioned (tied) up along the upright. Similar to this pic.. as that upright post to left of pic doesn't move.
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    Tiller Compatability with GX335

    Browse this link to jd parts as there are different rods for different tractors. But depending, may require some fabrication on your part. Looks doable...
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    Loose hay

    Wire tied bales before twine. Two guys riding behind, one passing wire through the boards between the bales, the other passing the wire back through to the first to make the "twist", while the board was moved forward by the second guy for the divide between the next bale. Dirty, dusty job ...
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    Happy new X350 owner, couple questions

    The boat on a trailer with easy going, level ground, should be no problem. Less than a 500 lb pull. Utility cart.. prolly could break it at some point, but not likely unless tossing with a hard throw. The front shovel.. likely tranny not build for that front shovel attachment... but with no...
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    855 Hydraulic Hose Help

    A pic or two of the problem you describe would help a lot. Welcome to TBN.
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    John Deere 4700 won't go into gear

    Maybe this will help.
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    4R Cab Rear Wiper Upgrade No...