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    JD 110 TLB - Rock Arm Lift and PTO don't work

    Same problem as last week?
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    John Deere 770 Turf to R4

    Maybe will need to locate different rims to fit the R4 tires.
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    4300 PTO main lever sloppy

    Found a lot of slop in the PTO engaging lever, and need to find out where the slop is located. Appears to be at roll pin #12, but may be enlarged holes in the crank lever (#5 or #2). Will have to explore. This 4300 has the mechanical PTO clutch engagement with three positions.. on, neutral...
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    John deere 4100 safety switch or bad battery?

    Suspect bad battery or cable connections.
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    John deere 4100 safety switch or bad battery?

    Suspect battery first. Get it load tested and may need a new one. Second, while load checking the battery, clean all pos and neg cable connections (both ends). Remove, brush clean, and replace. Think you will be happy with the results. Check back with us. Welcome to TBN
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    Mower Deck Parts

    If I understand your question or confusion, it is one of the three spindles/hubs/pulleys. Link again. Just trying to help and lead you to the answers you need.
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    Help identify part

    That helps.. was going to ask after the first post, but waited to see if this would get filtered out. Figured any mistake would be seen when you searched at JD parts, as where I became confused when the 62D deck didn't match up.
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    Change oil every year or at the recommended 300 hours

    Do what feels good to you. Either way, won't make a tinkers damn of difference that is detectable. Nothing to debate. Books had to have a number, so one of 300 hours was picked. Oil is cheap IMO.
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    How not to bushhog !!

    Don't believe a word of it.
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    5045E - 3 Point Control Lever Doesn’t Stay Up.

    Probably friction washers need tightening.. (adjustment).
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    3032 seat adjustment

    No need to fear the JD website.. that is where your info can be found. Trying to figure out just what this is....
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    JD D140 part ID please

    Part #GX23890
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    Help identify part

    Welcome to TBN Have you searched JD parts?
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    Ehydro issue

    lt340 Welcome to TBN Hope someone will have a good clue for you. Sounds like you are zeroing in on the conditions that cause the problem. Let us know if you nail it down, or pass on continued clues of what is happening.