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    Finishing mower blade removal question

    I use a Makita XWT - its got plenty of grunt 720#s of torque. Usually always works. IF that don't work a breaker bar with a 2" pipe and on the other end a coal mining pike that gets me 8' I've broke 1/2 craftsman breaker bars with it. IF that don't work time to get out the fire. bout to...
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    MT3 57 OBD II connection

    Is the port the blue thingy?
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    Asking for advice on using a rental 3ph tiller for a first-time user

    First off - the tiller is not a proper tool for breaking new ground. Even if you want to go no-till you need to break the ground with a different implement like a bottom plow. Then once the soil is turned over you can add in amendments and till those in with the tiller. For the tiller...
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    Loaded tires or air for a better/smoother ride?

    Air ride seat prolly the only thing thats going to help your back. Maybe some PT might help too.
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    This ^^^^ I ran over 2 HORNETS nests the last time I brush hogged. Watched those big fuggers bouncing off my cab windows. They were pissed. The nests were huge basketball sized - I ran one over cut it in half the other 1 I ran into with my fel. While they were bouncing off the windows I...
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    2022 MT357 Cab Hitch

    I have the same deal on my MT352 which is a Cat II 3pt hitch. I use cat I implements so use the top link as is and use bushings on the hitch arms. If you have cat II implements then you need a bushing for the top link. I keep several extra in the cab. I loose them frequently - forget they are...
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    How Much Would You Pay For A Used LS?

    Thats a 20-22K tractor just looked at tractor house recent sales. Great tractor but 110K. No way bro. Keep your implements for the next tractor. I paid 28K for a 2021 mt352 with 20 hrs on it. There are plenty of LS tractors for sale used and new for decent prices.
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    Plows versus tillers?

    For virgin ground: Moldboard plow - turns the soil completely over to depth of 16-18" which disrupts the weed seed layer and the grass is now at the btm. 2nd pass: Tractor drawn PTO tiller. Add soil organic matter and pot-ash then till that in and grow a cover crop first year. Till in the...
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    30HP vs 26HP 60" bush hog?

    We got a big tractor to do tractoring. Cutting brush or hay is a big tractor job. We got a zero turn to cut grass. A big tractor is terrible at cutting grass even with a rotary cutter because ruts happen. I can cut grass with the tractor and my rotary cutter after the ground gets hard...
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    Rennovating a garden

    When you grease it do NOT oil the springs. That will cause them to break. Thats what my old timer garage door guy told me about those wound springs. They work best with friction. With lubrication they slip to easy and instead of binding and slowing down they go full wound quickly and that...
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    Rennovating a garden

    They all sure look exactly the same except for pricing. The EA version is the best price. The Dirt Dog is next up in price and the Brush Hog version is WAY pricey. We have/had hard pan in our large garden plot. It wont really go away with plowing we needed to had soil organic matter...
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    cutting on a steep hill - pond at the bottom

    can get modified ag tires for the ZT - Ive never tried them but have read reviews here and traction GREATLY improved specifically on steep hills. Here's a thread here with pic with talk about them: Tires - Running tractor tires on a zero turn
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    Valve Stems on my New Tractor

    They likely flipped the tires for a wider stance. On hills prolly good flatish land not needed. I have hills and run a rotary mower but I need a narrow stance for tilling rows for our very large garden. overall rear tire width makes a difference when tilling rows. I prefer a narrow stance to...
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    Neighbor selling Kioti CX2510- Is this a good price?

    +4 on the great price - nab it asap is my advice. I got my tractor with 20hrs on it but had to ship it and got a great price and I'm totally happy. My only concern would be is it large enough for your future and current needs? If its bigger than what you think you need then fer sure go for it.
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    Mowing Bush Hog for Dummies

    I've got both shear pin and slipclutch drive shafts for different implements. Slip cluth needs to be adjusted usually every time I hook up whatever implement I'm using I adjust the bolts on the clutch only takes a few minutes and also grease the u-joints its just regular maintenance. Shear...