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    Is 25hp enough?

    All great replies, thank you. My current tractor is great, looking to sell it to finish paying off the ex, then get monthly payments on something else, otherwise I don’t want to get rid of it. I originally got it to clear out land to build my house. I live in CT on a few acres, basically flat...
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    Is 25hp enough?

    I currently have an old L2650, 29hp, and long story short I’m looking at getting rid of it and buying new. I’m not sure if I should get something else around 30hp again or if I would be okay with 25hp. I use it for mowing, fixing 1000ft of flat driveway with a 5ft box blade, removing snow, and...
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    Quick Hitch for Betstco Flail Mower

    I know this is an old post but I figured out a cheap, easy, no machining way to get the quick hitch to work. I have a standard duty 135 Betsco flail and my quick hitch lined up with welded uprights just right. I ended up getting a couple 3/4” shackle anchor from Home Depot for about $11 each...