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    Progress on my new G1900, but still a couple nagging issues to deal with.

    Yep, those are the leaking O rings. I just picked up a cheap metric set of O rings at Harbor Freight and swapped them out carefully one at a time, making sure each unit went back in exactly in the same position it was originally in. The light twist movement they have controls flow rate to...
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    Progress on my new G1900, but still a couple nagging issues to deal with.

    Make some progress on my new G1900. Found the hot wire from the battery to the regulator had got hot, arc'd and melted the connector to the regulator. The male side of the connection was broke off and sparking and getting very hot as even the insulation on each side was burnt. I hard wired...
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    Indiana Kubota T1600 diesel lawn tractor for sale

    I have a nice Kubota T1600 Diesel lawn tractor looking for a new home. We upgraded to a G1900 is the only reason she is for sale. Has a 13.5hp twin cylinder diesel engine, strong HST transmission with foot peddle control, 44" mower deck, four brand new tires(bar tires on the rear so no...
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    Hunting a 3pt hitch and snow blade for our new G1900

    Just replaced our little T1600 diesel lawn tractor(its for sale btw) with a G1900 I plan to refurbish. I am hunting the OEM 3 point hitch kit, new or used, for it along with one of the snow blades. If I cant find the hitch, I know they are very hard to find, I will fab up a sleeve hitch set...
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    Indiana IH Cub Cadet 1450 Garden Tractor w/50" mower deck

    Solid older IH Cub Cadet 1450 garden tractor, hydrostatic transmission, hyd lift, has 50' mower deck that is solid and mows decent(could use a fresh set of blades). Engine runs great, no smoke, got new points/condensor/ignition coil this past spring. Tires all hold air. Even the lights work...
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    Indiana Wanted Kubota TG2742 Snowthrower or T2748 snow blade.

    Looking for a Kubota TG2742 snowthrower for the T1600 lawn tractor, or the T2748 snow/dirt blade. I prefer the thrower but both of these are not easy to come by. I am in Kokomo, Indiana, prefer close by if at all possible. Thanks Mike
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    Picking up a nice little T1600 this weekend

    We are picking up a nice little T1600 this weekend. I know its not one of Kubota's best efforts, but I wanted both diesel power and small insize to better fit our small yard and the 2 that i mow for some extra income. I know of its weak points and the keep a sharp eye on the U joints and any...
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    Indiana Super clean Simplicity 4212 Hydro w/ 38" mower deck

    Dont see these this clean very often. Really nice original condition Simplicity 4212 Hydrostatic lawn tractor. replacement 12.5 HP Briggs engine, 38" twin blade deck that runs quiet and has nearly new Gator blades on it, even has the original discharge chute. Tires are all hold air and are in...
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    Anybody have the repair manual for a Deutz Allis 5215/Hinomoto C174?

    And could scan me the page on the cylinder head bolt torque sequence and spec? Need to replace the head gasket. Also could use the valve lash spec if there is one. I assume the valve rockers have adjustable lash as I have not torn it down yet as I can atleast move it under its own power for the...
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    Deutz Allis 5215 overheat when mowing

    I have a Deutz Allis(hinomoto)5215 that will overheat when mowing, but if just cruising around like we did at the tractor show in the high heat and humidity it did ok, or atleast never popped the red overheat light on. But when I run at PTO rpm mowing after a few min she will boil over and pop...
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    New member to the scut club, Deutz-Allis 5215

    My wife and I are starting to prepare to move to the country in the next 5 years and a bigger tractor was one of those things. We both agreed that once we do move the income to get a tractor and attachments will not exhist for several years. So...we bought this tractor last night. Runs...
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    John Deere gator beacon light mount

    I need the pipe style beacon light mount that goes on the back of the hard cab of a JD gator. Was also used on a few other JD machines. This is the style where the revolving light slides down onto the mount, the electrical connections are inside the mount and the light clamps to it. I have...
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    Lets see some warning light set ups, Almost planting time here, time to be seen.

    Spring planting/lawn season is upon us. Being on the road is getting more dangerious all the time. Most all the big JD's at my dealership I work at have atleast 1 revolving light up high, some have more than 1. Plus all the normal flasher lights. GT' are less lit up if at all. I push snow in...
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    PIcked up a little T1600 yesterday

    We finaly got our Gravely sold, while it was a really nice tractor, my wife was unhappy with the mass consumption of fuel(Kohler Mag 16). It was also way to large. With the Gravely off to a new home, my wife had spotted a little diesel T series on Craigslist nearby that already had ag tires and...
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    Fresh trade in at my shop is going home with me!

    We just had this nice and I mean nice Gravely 16G Professional traded in at my shop. He traded this and a MTD/Cub Cadet 1050 in on a new Cub Cadet XT2 and a 3 stage snow blower for it. The Gravely runs like a top, no issues other than a little paint fade and the starter bearings are a bit...