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    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    I have D-Rings on top of the bucket, but, I also have swiveling hooks BEHIND the bucket,, The hooks can point down, like the pic, or you can swivel them up, and run a chain over the front of the bucket. The loader lifting power is WAY higher at a point behind the bucket, compared to in front...
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    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    I think the right tire is low on air,, I would take it back, and FORCE them to get it right!! :eek: :ROFLMAO: Congrats,, you did much better than MANY thread starters on these tractor forums,, (y) It is tough to keep your cool,,,
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    When you want to lift the maximum weight,, and have the most control of the weight,, the lift point should be close to the tractor as possible. I have hooks on the bucket, but, I also have hooks that liftfrom a point that is closer to the tractor than the bucket pivot. These lift hooks result...
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    2015-2017 PT-425 Battery

    I used to be a member of the "Batteries Last Three Years Club",,, heck, I had a lifetime membership,, then I bought the 4105,, That battery is the OEM battery, with a date code of 2012,, I have owned it since 2016,,, So, I let my "Club" membership expire,, I did not think it was possible...
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    Buying Advice Looking for a tractor

    As soon as you say "USED" the whole buying program changes,, With used,, you gotta find what is available within transport distance of you,, If you are in California,, I could offer you my tractor for $10,, but, it would be overpriced, because of what it would cost to move. So,, more details...
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    Setting an offset disc

    The SD650 comes in various widths,, what width do you have?? If you are pulling with the JD2950,, the disk cannot be an inch wider than 10 feet,, IMHO,, The SD650 shows various hydraulic adjustment options are available, do you have those options?? We had a 10 foot JD offset disk, it was ALL...
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    Fixing another gravel drive

    I incorporated a different aspect of the "SUPERELEVATED CURVE" on my driveway back in the early 1980's,, and it has worked all of these years,, Rather than elevate one side, about every 200 feet, I alternate the side that is elevated,, I initially did this to insure the water could not wash...
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    Looks like a great log splitter

    For me, a tool has to earn its keep, to stay in the shed,, My DIY splitter does WAY more than split wood,, It is a hydraulic press, I have pulled stumps with it,, and, most importantly,, it takes up VERY little shed space.
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    Deere 4020

    My BIL had that "J" shift transmission 4020,, One of the best days of that farm was the day that 4020 LEFT,,!! The transmission was a nightmare,, it self destructed twice in less than 5 years The tractor was not abused,, no other tractor on that 1,600 acre farm ever had such a short life. That...
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    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    A trick that I found that makes the bees angry is: take some "headed" nails, like framing nails, and drive the nails in the holes before you plug the holes. The bees seem to like to come back to the same spot, and dig out the filler material you plug the holes with. When they start digging...
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    I guess the owners of the trucks that are pictured all over the internet had the trim custom made?? Like this one,, or, is that the hood of a 2010 Ford F-Series?? I personally put a LOT of miles on both the '53, and the '69 F-750,,
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    Before the '69 Ford F750, my BIL purchased a '53 Ford F750,, The '53 F750 blew the engine RIGHT in the middle of the wheat harvest,, he NEEDED that truck. He had also purchased a '53 Lincoln, at the same time that he bought the F750,, Well, he looked at the Lincoln engine, it was the same...
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    trail clearing technique and tools

    For SOME reason,, my trails stay 90 inches wide,,,,,,,,,, :unsure: ArlyA,, please do not drool on the paint,, my wife makes me wax this thing every time I use it,, Drool leaves marks in the wax,,,,,,,,,,,, My granddaughter was over Thursday,, and she wanted to ride the ATV,, She was SO...
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    My BIL used to fuss at us,, he could make the run to Norfolk,, with the same truck, hauling the same load,, and he would only burn half of the number of gallons of gasoline that I did,, I swear, he must have stopped and bought gas,, just to make a point,, Really, he would never hardly push on...