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    Adding a Remote

    Yes- it has a loader on it.
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    Adding a Remote

    I have a Kubota M6800 and it has 1 remote with the lever down by your right hand on the floor. I would like to add at least 1 more remote. Where can it be added and what is the cheapest route to do this?
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    Kubota M6800

    Just went and look at the Feedback Rod. It is broken in half. Need to get it replaced.
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    Kubota M6800

    Hello- I have a Kubota M6800 2wd that has an issue with the 3pt Hydraulic Lift. When I move the lever all the way up, the arms come up and then it binds up as if the relief valve does not kick in. I then move it slightly downward until the noise quits. The problem with this is that...
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    Purchasing a New UTV

    I am looking at purchasing a new UTV to use at my farm in the next few months. I currently have a Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans with 2" Lift and 26" Mud Tires. It does well but I am going leave this one at my house. We live in East Texas and it will be used in the River Bottoms which gets...
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    Rotary Cutter Flex Wing Mower

    I have a Kubota M5-111 and also a Kubota M6800. Currently the M5 runs a Rhino Turbo 120 cutter and the M6800 runs a Rhino TW96 Cutter. I am thinking about selling the Rhino TW96 and letting the M6800 run the Turbo 120 while I get a new one for the M5. I have looked at Rhino, Woods...
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    Kubota M6800 Steering Controller Leaking

    I have a Kubota M6800 that has a leak coming from the steering controller. I have looked online and to purchase a new controller it cost around $1,100.00. There is an aftermarket one that goes for arouns $600.00. I currently can not get the steering wheel off in order to remove it. My...
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    Silage Hay

    Hello, I have 90 acres in 2 locations that are and have been ready to cut and bale for the past several weeks. Due to the recent rains, my hay guy has not been able to get it done. He is cutting today and hopefully will be rolling dry hay on Tuesday before the next big chance of rain...
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    Ag Students Project

    I have 2 boys in the Ag Mechanics program as their Sophomore year. They are building a 500 gallon pull behind sprayer this year for the local and area shows. The sprayer is from a local manufacturer that has provided all of the components to make it work instead of having to purchase each...
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    Kubota Tractor - Auction Time

    I have a Kubota M8560 for sale and I am planning on purchasing M5-111 Cab Tractor. I have a good offer from the dealer for trade in but I was trying to get a couple of more $$$ for it in order to help purchase a pull behind sprayer. I have it listed on Tractorhouse, craigslist, and Facebook...
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    Grapple New Grapple- Third Function

    Hello- I may be posting in the wrong area and apologize in advance if that is the case. I am having a grapple built by the local ag department for my Kubota M8560. I need to add a 3rd function to my tractor. I called kubota and they want 1400 for the install and I do not have a problem with...
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    Kubota ZD21

    Hello, I have a Kubota ZD21 mower. It is 8 years old and I have never had a problem with it until recently. When I get on the mower and start to crank it, sometimes the motor will fire right off and sometimes it will sit there and turn over but never crank. I wait until the glow plug...