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    Why I quit hating soccer.....besides the soccer moms!

    Since it's "soccer hell story time" Let me put in to the pot. I coached k-8 at the local school over the years , following my kids. We had a pretty fair number of players (co-ed) at the 3rd-4th grade level. A nearby school came to play. The other team's coach came to me right away and...
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    Do you have any Oil/Fluid changing time saving efficiency tips?

    What Rusty stated works for me! one better ,a five gallon pail with a dedicated funnel on top and a spigot near the bottom, setting on a low bench. The drain pans are emptied in the funnel and allowed to drain until clear (overnight), the refuse is tapped off the bottom spigot into the empty...
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    pickup truck size

    I wanted a "basic" MT mid size. The only option for the MT was the Tacoma Sport (Canada get's other models with MT) Neither of the two area dealership would even talk about ordering one. They just looked into their computer screens and found what was regionally available in the dealer...
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    I just bought this...

    You are making me feel bad for not restoring my Bolens HT-23. It's so shabby, and get's worked so hard all winter.
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    Looking for a welder

    Hobart doesn't show SMAW / TIG machines. I would like to get a combination that accepts a foot pedal in a transformer chassis.
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    Ground cover in wooded / shaded areas

    "In the wake of great armies Thorns spring up." There is a lot of reality in the above quotation.
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    I've never understood washing a tractor. Sure, it's nice to keep the bonnet free of dust. The seat and instrument panel should be "presentable", But unless you are planning some maintenance or repair work, dirt just soaks up the grease and leaking fluids that are an inevitable part of...
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    Ground cover in wooded / shaded areas

    I positively dislike ferns. A great wasteland of monoculture. I pull it constantly, but,,, i'm only one guy with other priorities.
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    pickup truck size

    I bought a Tonka truck the first of this year (Toyota Tacoma) It seemed large to me for a mid sized pickup truck. Looking into it, the Tacoma is pretty much the same dimensions as a 90's C-10 GMC. Length Width and height. Big difference is there are no "cab only" models. It's either Access...
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    Ground cover in wooded / shaded areas

    vinca grows well here. I've got a couple of forest hillsides covered in it. Ferns seem to grow up in it, but ferns might be an option too. Want me to send you a truck load ;-)
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    BS! Though ethanol will bind to any water present (think dri-gas.) It will not magically float to the top. Ethanol is miscible in gasoline. Ethanol is miscible with gasoline. Ethanol is polar. The net dipole moment is 1.69D. Ethanol, at one end, can behave as a nonpolar organic...
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    I run that $350 Husky. Works fine. starts easy even after sitting in loft over winter, (no special gas treatment or prep, Just put it away.) Blows a lot of air, and Leaves! I've got "a hundred head of maple" , so there will be leaves every autumn. Don't up the oil mix unless you readjust...
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    Buying Advice New Deutz Fahr tractors

    I received the replacement front axle housing today via Fed Ex Priority. It came from SDF in Europe, was in the States in less than a week. At my door in less than Two weeks. I'm impressed! Started reassembly this after noon. Pricey, but what isn't?
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    Stupid Things I Have Done

    I leave the phone on the desk when I go out on purpose. You can't believe the freedom it gives, until you experience it. Give it a try! I assure you. NOTHING will be different except your sense of self responsibility.
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    Stupid Things I Have Done

    I was young then. and stupid, but now I'm so much smarter! ;-)