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    W.R.Long 84" 4 in 1 bucket

    Your going to love that 4n1!! I've had the 72" W.R. Long for a few weeks now doing backfill work up in yards. It is a great attachment and adds a couple of dimensions to your tractor. One of the most useful moves is open up the bucket, set it over a pile, put the loader in float then slowly...
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    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    I see where your headed with that now, thanks for clarifying your original post. I don't business bank where I personally bank. Too many mistakes made by the bank putting checks into the wrong accounts. Soon as you cross accounts like that they all can become business accounts and therefore...
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    Buying Advice Bobcat w/ backhoe, 3PT backhoe or HF trencher

    You have some golden advice given here. I make a living digging with a backhoe and an excavator and these people are spot on. If your digging is so infrequent to not warrant an excavator/backhoe then consider renting an excavator/backhoe when you need one. For $20k id find the nicest backhoe...
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    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    Most around here use Farm Bureau. Make sure you understand where physically and what type of jobs your insurance coverage allows you to dig. Banks around here will only look at 80% of equipment/property values if that. None will loan on "blue sky". Absolutely use and follow the states...
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    L2501 3rd function manual vs electric

    I see the manual valve as being hard/cumbersome to operate vs an electric switch right on the loader stick. Is this cost driven or are there other consideration(s) for wanting to go manual?
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    60” Wicked Root Rake Grapple

    Wow, those are hard to come by! I'd be asking $3k for that. The perk to buying your's is no waiting. GLWS!!!
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    Here are the previously mentioned chain hooks added to the 4n1 bucket. I add chain hooks front and back. Front and rear hooks help when picking up something flat to load onto a trailer. I also added a keeper set up for the hydraulic hoses. Just a bit of round bar and a horse shoe tacked...
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    Here's a couple pic's of a clean up job I did today with the LS4155HC, power rake and new EA 4n1 bucket. Before. And after.
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    Nice innovation from ford.

    I like it. Most people have no idea on weights. This at least gives them a sporting chance to not overload if they choose to use it. I like the ability to zero your weight and then see how much tongue weight you added. I think this will be the most useful feature as most people have no...
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    My 4in1 bucket showed up!!! WRL-UJ2-72 Ordered 07/29/21 Recieved 10/15/21 Here is the 1st bucket load. I had cleaned out a culvert and the rock and dirt were laying up on the narrow right of way. I was able to open the bucket and move backwards while collecting all the dirt. Zero shovel...
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    Trailer choice before I make a mistake

    Lots of good information here. I'll add my experience of 45 years of towing. Get a GN. In your case a 22' GN and your truck will haul that tractor all day with no issues. While some have luck with bumper pulls and so have I at times, stay away from them if you can. I started small with an...
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    UTV Tires

    East Texas? Have thorns, sapling stobs and sharp rocks? You will want a Pro Armor XG Crawler in 8 ply. We have both here plus some pavement. 3500 miles on a set with only 2 punctures. I sold them at half tread and the guy is still running them. They do great in the mud as well. If you in...
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    Stuck PTO shaft on Finishing Mower

    Penetrating oil, a big hammer, a block of wood and time. Hose it down and start carefully hitting it to get it to move. Wood goes between the hammer and what your hitting.
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    What should I do with my old front bucket?

    I'd make the 3pt scoop out of it with the mentioned hydraulic top link. You could move a lot of material with a scoop at each end.
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    Who makes the best power rake / soil conditioner?

    I'm interested in your impressions as well! You are going to enjoy that rake! Here is a clean up job I did a couple days ago. Hauled off the big rocks with the grapple. Raked out and windrowed the rocks that were left. Ran the rake over and smoothed everything out.