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    Oil & Fuel GC1715 Blowing hydraulic fluid

    to me. it looks like you have some air in your sump which is giving you a misleading level in the glass level indicator. How many quarts did you add? I would try removing at least a half a quart...then purge the air by raising and lowering the loader and curling the bucket 10 times, same with...
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    New Tractor Brand Looks Promising-Summit

    I love some if their standard features.
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    Thanks Everyone
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    The BH is mounted but yes I do see where it goes. Was wondering if that side of the turmbuckle also had a nut like the topside of the turnbuckle does. I noticed the ones they sell at The Tractor Supply store do not.
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I would never circumvent a safety item especially on a tractor. I have a snowblower and i will gladly live with the pto safety switch any day. There should be a disclaimer for all posts of this at your own risk, life, limb, relative, pet.etc.
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    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    No, and I have a better reason to than most because I already have a 7kw upgradeable to a 10kw solar system on my house. It would mean I get my fuel for free. A couple if months ago I bought a brand new car but it wasnt an EV. It is a 2022 Subaru Outback turbos. It will be...
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    Found this in my yard but I know its from my GC2410. Is this end supposed to have a nut? It just came off by itself.
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    Picked up a GC2300 fixer-upper. :D :D

    Nice, I wouldnt worry about the paint just rust.
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    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    it wasnt the pin that hit me on the head it was the ROP. Man thats heavy-I did not go to the hospital because it was a small lump, no bleeding . I didnt get a headache either. So far so good I think.
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    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    Hello, Hope all is well with everyone. Wanted to share a misshap I recently had with my tractor. Took the tractor out of storage last week. Had it in the shed with a trickle charger and the ROPS up. To get it out I had to fold the ROPS but I dropped one of the pins behind the BH and couldn't...
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    I am French Canadian-Ancestor's on my fathers side are from Nova Scotia.
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    Amazingly accurate but inexpensive inclinometer

    Download free app on you smart phone
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Pickled Pigs Feet Ployes Cretons Peanutbutter and fluffernutter sandwitches strawberries and creme
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    HST question on a GC1723EB

    This is normal, hard on the knee until it hits broken in.